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Waze’s Original Solution
<p>Waze resolved duplicate city names when they launched the
map three ways.  When # When a smaller small town wassurrounded by a larger township of the same name for instance, the smaller townwas identified as <b>Foocity</b> and the largermunicipality got the name <b>GreaterFoocity Area</b>. #When the towns were separated by some distance, Waze wouldappend appended a counting number behind the name. So you might see <b>Foocity (2) </b> and<b>Foocity (3) </b> on the map in addition to <b>Foocity</b>. Last, #Waze would dump dumped the cityname altogether, which is one reason you see gaps in the Cities layer.</p>
<p>None of these are elegant solutions. Each state will need to
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