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Better Schemes for Removing Duplication
not get the error message. But we don’t recommend kludgey fixes. The best way
to clear duplication is to find something unique, but accurate, that identifies
a municipality. For instance, if *Examples**If a borough and a township share the same name,rename the township segments to read <b>Foocity Twp</b>. **In Pennsylvania, we have severalinstances of five three or more townships sharing the same name. So we append thecounty name to the township name, <b>Foocity, Countyname</b>,since that is how they are uniquely identified to the state government.</p>
<p>The simplest scheme is to resolve conflicts in this order:</p>
<p>1. If a CDP (Census Designated Place as found on the [ Census Tract Maps]) and a City city conflict, append somethingto the city name, since CDPs don’t have any other common appellation.</p>
<p>2. If a well-known city and a lesser city conflictthe most well-known keeps the unadorned name.</p>
<p>3. If all else is equal, choose one to keep theoriginal name, and add the minimum clear suffix to alter the others.</p>
== Changing an Entire City Name ==
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