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{{doc subpage}}This template is added to pages that are undergoing major changes or initial developments.  === Usage ===Place {{tl|Construction}} at the top of a new page to produce the default message box. Alternately, the following optional variables can be used in place of the generic message: <pre>{{NeedPage| contact = URL of forum or user| contacttype = forum or user| open = no| scope = page| talk = yes}}</pre> === Parameters === '''contact''':Optional URL parameter for forum or private message. Requires {{para|contacttype}} to alter message appropriate for forum or individual user. '''contacttype''':Required if {{para|contact}} parameter is supplied. Optional message with URL linking to location where other editors should send messages on this page. Used with {{para|open}} parameter to control the message in the box. The {{para|contacttype}} parameter is completing this sentence '''If you have questions, please...J''' When {{para|<var>contacttype<br /var>[[Junction Arrows|<var>forum</var>}} it displays: <code>post a message in [ this forumKruising pijlen]</code>. When {{para|<var>contacttype</var>|<var>user</var>}} it displays: <code>send a private message to [ this user].</code> '''open''':Optional indicator if other input is desired. Only with the presence of the {{para|contact}} parameter can you use {{para|<var>open</var>|<var>no</var>}} to display: <code>This page has already been identified as being needed. Content for this page is being prepared by one or more users. Do not make any changes before you </code> with the rest of the message coming from the {{para|contacttype}} parameter result. The default or empty {{para||open}} parameter will display: <code>This page has already been identified as being needed. This page is open to changes from anyone during construction.</code> Further, if the {{para|contact}} parameter is also set you will see: <code>If you have questions, please <br /code> with the rest of the message coming from the {{para|contacttype}} parameter result. Requires the {{para|contact}} parameter must be set to direct people with a URL. '''scope''':The text can be altered to reflect the construction happening on the whole page (default) or just one or more sections. Use {{para|<var>scope</var>|<var>page</var>}} for text covering the whole page. Use {{para|<var>scope</var>|<var>section</var>}} for text covering just a section. '''talk''':If the talk page is currently being or will be used for initial thoughts on the page, use {{para|<var>talk</var>|<var>yes</var>}} to display: <code>{{Template:Mbox/Text/Talk}}</code> === Where used ===Editors can find all occurrences of this template with the link to [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:ConstructionJunction Box|what links here for the Construction templateKruising box]]. === Category added ===This template will automatically add the [http:<br // Category:Construction] to the page for tracking. You see a similar list to the What Links Here above. <includeonly><!-- ADD CATEGORIES BELOW THIS LINE -->[[Category:Maintenance TemplatesWME Junction Angle info|Kruising hoek info]] <!-- ADD INTERWIKIS BELOW THIS LINE -->script<br /includeonly>