Route à péage

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Route à péage

  • Pour indiquer qu'une route est payante, on coche l'attribut Route à péage dans l'onglet Restrictions.

For defining a toll route select (only) one segment, go to the Restrictions tab of this segment and check the toll field.
Then this information has to be assembled:

  • The name of the tunnel / ferry / road.
  • The prices for cars, motorbikes, special subscriptions.
  • Opening hours
  • The permalink of the segment
  • The website

Send this data to the Slack channel #editing-nederland. One of the toll champs will take over and process your request.
The assembled data will be checked and if correct and complete submitted to the Waze toll system.
The segment with Toll checked will be locked on L6 and a comment will be placed to highlight the special treatment because of the toll.

The update takes place through a process that is not linked to the regular map updates. After defining the toll it can take some days before the information is visible in the app.

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