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Risky activities for starting editors

Unless you work together with a more experienced editor be very careful with doing one of the following activities.

  • Deleting road-segments. This also deletes the historic traffic information, e.g. the historic average speed.
  • Do not change or delete segments that are connected to locked segments.
  • Do not split roads, even when there lanes are physically split.
  • Do not add without consultation non-drivable roads, like pedestrian boardwalks or cycle paths. Do not add road types as railways, runways and bus lanes. This all seems harmless, but they can result in a wrong navigation advice. It will also clutter the map and increase the amount of bandwidth used.
  • Do not add parking lots roads when there are already roads on the parking lot.
  • Do not change the roadtype, this has a big influence on the navigation.
  • Be careful with adding roads, especially private roads and driveways. The same risks as for non-drivable roads apply.
  • Do not close update requests or make changes based on them. If you want to help, because you have local knowledge, please make a comment that can help a more experienced editor.
  • Do not add restrictions based on not (yet) implemented vehicle types.