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Parking Lot Place

Parking Lot Places are always drawn as an Area. It is a sub-category on its own. A Parking Lot Place should be a distinctly-marked area where cars can park, separated from the road and with its own driveable segments. If the car parking spaces are accessed directly from the road, this is on-street parking and should not be mapped, whether or not there are car park signs.

Parking Lot Road segments should be added, but only the minimal amount required to allow navigation into and out of the car park.

Distinctive and Significant
Overuse of Area Places quickly leads to map clutter. A Parking-Lot Area Place must mark a parking facility that would be distinctive and significant to passing drivers, including those not seeking parking. Parking that does not satisfy this principles shall not be marked with the Parking Lot Area Place.

Primary lot type

Public is the default parking lot type. A public parking lot is open accessible to everyone, during opening hours, for at least short-term use (paid or not) by the general public. People who park here are entitled to exit and enter this area.