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Place update request

The Places updates layer will display Places with update request(s) pending. The Place Update Request (PUR) markers show the location of a pending Place updates.

Wme placemarker new.png indicates a request for a new place.
Wme placemarker new photo.png indicates a request for a new place photo
Wme placemarker updated details.png indicates a request with new place details

The work for the PUR mediator is to check the request. If it is nothing serious, reject it otherwise add missing details. It is recommended to approve incomplete requests, save, and then edit the place to correct the wrong information so it can be used as a destination to navigate to.

Because every user can become blacklisted and banned from adding places once they have tried adding a certain amount of places or updates which have been rejected, it is better to approve all serious meant requests and only reject not serious ones.