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BeNeLux community

You want to help Waze grow and support the community?
You can, in different ways. You can help editing and improving the map in the Waze Map Editor.
How to contact Waze? Where to find more information? Where to go with your questions?

Social Media

We use social media for different purposes. Our own posts are for Waze users: #WazeTip or for the editors: #WMEtip. We also like to communicate with pride about updates, events and closures with (local) impact by our local editors . As Waze user you know that the fast and accurate closures and changes on the Waze map makes Waze by far the best app for navigation.

On social media Waze BeNeLux follows the national, regional and local news about traffic issues as a check for our most recent edits. An editor takes action when he or she reads something which affects traffic, for example news about a coming sports event or a post mentioning solved troubles with a bridge.

One of the nicest things we experience on social media is the commitment of you and others in our community. When using the app we all can easily mention things we see and experience while on the road. But sometimes you want to let us know something else, you have a question or you weren’t able to touch the screen because you were driving. You are very welcome to get in touch with Waze by social media in a post, or on Slack or our Forum. One of our volunteers will answer as soon as possible.

And last but not least: the #Wazewin. Have you already shared your #Wazewin with us and the rest of the world? We love the screenshots on which you can see your route and the traffic nearby but not in face of you! Waze will retweet!

On Twitter you can find us as @WazeBelgium (in French and in Flemish/Dutch) and @WazeNederland (in Dutch). @WazeBenelux is not much in use at the moment. On Facebook we are Waze Nederland and Waze Belgium. Waze Lëtzebuerg is also less used but that can change in the future. Communication with us in English is -off course- no problem.

CU on Twitter, CU on Facebook!

Your community carreer path

All members of the Waze community have certain levels in the use of the Waze app, as an editor of the Waze map, and as part of the community. A description of the editor levels can be found on the page Benelux Community Levels. Read more on app levels on the global Wiki page Your rank and Points.

Local experts map

Check out our map of the BeNeLux with our local expert Waze Editors. Are you an active editor and you didn't already placed yourself on the map, please do it now!

Community management

File:Badge GlobalChamp.png Global Champs File:Badge LocalChamp.png Local Champs
Petervdveen (coordinator)boonie-oet-gelaen
Stefaan schroeyerswimvandierendonck


File:Badge CountryManager.png Country Managers


File:Badge StateManager.png Region Managers

BE File:60px-BE signature.png NL File:60px-NL signature.png Lux File:60px-LU signature.png
Bertzzzz Flanders boboga North Holland Pierletz74 Luxembourg
gggss Flanders Bogey2 North Brabant
Hipska Flanders casvv Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
largamelion Flanders ekrw South Holland
nirvuad Wallonia gerardterbeke Overijssel
sirKitKat Flanders Lowiekse North Holland
tompeeters Flanders martiensch Groningen
tunisiano18 Wallonia mm2016zwaai South Holland
MvanBaal Arnhem-Nijmegen
northern part of Limburg
Sea_Breeze South Holland
stelling28 North Holland
themudman Utrecht

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