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House numbers


Since November 2014 it is possible to search for house numbers which are inputted via the Waze Map Editor and saved in the Waze database. To support this functionality, In multiple countries, like The Netherlands, Waze imported house number data from external sources. This was not done for Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • It is possible to add house numbers to several road types when Street and City name are specified.
  • Don't add house numbers to pedestrian boardwalks. If house numbers are to be added to a non-drivable road use walking trail.
  • Add house numbers with an letters like 123A, 123B, letter in uppercase and without hyphen,
  • Add house numbers with a sub number like 123-1, 123-2, with a hyphen.

Adding house numbers:

  • Select a street
  • Click Edit house numbers
  • Zoom in to at least zoom=6
  • Click top center screen Add-house-numbers.png
  • Place the little blue circle on a house and enter the house number for this house.
  • Set the stop point / segment marker on the road segment from where the house can be approached.
  • Click Save


  • For adding house numbers in The Netherlands the WME OpenMaps script with the BAG map is very usefull.
  • The BAG viewer can be used to get information on house numbers in the Netherlands.

Navigating to an address:
When searching for an address in the Waze app or Live map, Waze will use the following order to present the results:
1) Manual created housenumbers
2) Google Maps database
3) Imported housenumber data
Bottom line: if you notice a wrongly positioned address/housenumber in the app or Live map, you can change it via the Waze Map Editor. Just give it a nudge and save. Make sure the endpoint is at the right location. This will result to a primarily suggested, correct location.

Further reading

  • More information can be read on the global wiki page on house numbers.
  • Forum page on house numbers with questions, discussions.


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