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Parking Lot Road

 Parking Lot Roads 

Road type Parking Lot Road (PLR) is used for:

  • Roads in Parking lots. (for large, small and single road parking lots)
  • Roads through Gas stations
  • Drive-Through roads

They must also be used for the entrance and exit roads connecting the above features to freeways or regular roads.


Street City Lock
  • No street name, but when the Parking Lot Road has an official name, it can be entered. Please don't use names like 'Parking Theater', in this way street names will not be shown multiple times on the map. The name of a Parking Lot can be added to a Parking Lot Place.

A Parking Lot Road generates a large penalty, to prevent thru-traffic in the navigation.

Keep it simple
Roads in Parking Lots are sparsely drawn, to prevent cluttering the map. The most important thing is that people can be routed to and from a parking lot. For small Parking Lots, a single road segment often suffices.

Wrong: Too complex Right: Simplified

For large Parking Lots (for example at an event center), consider mapping only the following:

  • Main entrances from the roads outside the parking lot
  • Lanes that run along entrances of buildings
  • Lanes that run along main roads outside the parking area (to separate different speed tracks)
  • Large parking lot lanes that serve to get people from one area of the lot to another

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