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Roundabouts, rotaries, or traffic circles, are unique segments of roadway in the Waze router. When a driver approaches a roundabout, a specific icon is displayed in the turn direction area of the display with a number corresponding to the exit count from the driver's entry into the roundabout.

If you want to add a roundabout, you firstly draw the roads as a normal crossroad, but don't connect the roads/segments. Secondly you draw the roundabout and WME will connect the crossing roads automatically. Extended information can be found in the USA wiki on the: Roundabouts/USA page.


  • Add a City name but no Street. This is because the route assistance during navigation.
  • A roundabout always get as road type the type of the most important passing through road.
  • Enter as Speed limit the highest maximum speed of the connected segments.
  • A dead-end street (cul de sac) should not have a roundabout at the end.
  • If there is no road sign for a roundabout don't use a roundabout.
  • Don't create connected roads within a roundabout. This lead to weird instructions like "take exit zero".
  • LARGAS refers to a special type roundabout.
  • For moving a complete roundabout the WME RA util script can be used.

Cul de sac should be defrined as a dead end street, not as a roundabout

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