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==The relation between the satellite view and map==
Starting editors often tend to draw the map exactly like the satellite view shows. However, the Waze map should be as simple as possible, in a way that yield the best navigation instructions, with a clear and simple map on screen. This implies that sometimes roads or parts of roads are even NOT <i>not</i> drawn, or drawn differently from the satellite view. In addition, the satellite view may be outdated or doesn´t show everything. For example, a road in a forest is probably not visible on the satellite view. Thus, use the satellite view as a source, not as a goal to copy. In case the road is mapped differently, please consult the previous editor or the area manager.<br />
[[File:TryingTooHard.png|thumb|left|320px|'''Roads added according to Satellite View.''' ]]
[[File:TryingTooHard_fixed.jpg|thumb|right|320px|'''Waze Map:''' A single segment yields a simple and clear routing, that is easy to maintain.]]
===Pedestrian boardwalks and cycle paths===
In general both Pedestrian boardwalks and cycle paths should not be added to the map of Waze, because Waze should only be used by motorvehicles. There are some exceptions and they are explained in on the [[ Wiki non-drivable roadsPedestrian Boardwalk]] and [[Walking trail]]pages. One of In the exceptions is when a Benelux Pedestrian boardwalks are used for non-drivable roads are addeding without destinations, important to connect a value as a landmarkparking place with possible destinations. In that case the PB is set to driving direction unknown and not connected to any drivalble road. In the Benelux Walking trails are not used for walking path, but with destinations and also for public transport, like train rails.Both non-drivable road types should be connected to the other roads.
===Parking Lots===
Also parking lots should be drawn as simple as possible with the aim at good navigation instructions. There is not no value added to draw every lane on a parking lot and with the inaccruarcy inaccuracy of GPS Waze probably does not know on which lane you are exactly, resulting in wrong instructions. Roads on parking lots have no name, excepts when the road has a housenumber of an official address that can not be linked to regular street. For further information see the [[Parking Lot Road]] page.
[[File:WME_ParkingLot_excessiveroads.PNG|left|thumb|330px|<span style="color:#FF0000">To much detail</span>]]
[[File:WME_ParkingLot_corrects.PNG|right|thumb|310px|<span style="color:#008000">Much better</span>]]
<br />
See [[Parking Lot Road|Parking Lot Roads]] for more information.
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==Splitting up roads==
Splitting roads into two single segment for both lanes should only be done when it is needed for navigion. The fact that a road is physically splitted, is not a reasonsreason. With [[Junction Arrows|Junction arrows ]] you can make sure that physically impossible turns are restricted. Splitting (or unsplitting) an existing road should only be done after consulting with the area or region manager. Be aware that unsplitting a road takes about the same effort as splitting it.
==Update request (UR)==
Officially, nobody ´owns´ a UR. However, if another editor is already handling the problem, don't close or take over without consulting this editor. If the editor does not react withing two weeks after the initial response, you may close it as "Not identified".<br />
Samples of comments can be found in the script [[Scripts#URComments|WME URComments]].  Elaborate information on URs can be read in on the US Wiki global wiki page [[|Update Requests]]. Be aware, that if some guidelines may differ from what is written above, the guidelines of the country you are editing in take precedenceours.
=Starting editors: what they can do and what not=