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The date an App closure is entered is used as startdate of the closure. App closures are almost always one-way closures.<br />To change the end date of an App closure: delete the App closure and create of a new one.<br />
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Closures can be set by editors with [[Editor level|Level 3]] and above and by the members of the <i>Closure team</i>.<br />Requests for closures within one or two days are welcome in these the Slack closure channels, others can be requested on our [[Forum|forums]]: [ Dutch forum closures] and [ Belgium forum closures].<br /><small>Please enter your requests as follows: [[File:Slack-closure-request.png|right|600px|Example closure request]]* [[Editor level|Level]] * City and optionally Street name* Starting date and time / End date and time * Closure reason / description* A [[PL|permalink]] of the segment to close* Source of the closure information</small>
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For defining special events for sets of closures see the [[Major Traffic Events]] page. <br />