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Speed limit

Specify a speed limit on drivable road types. The maximum speed limit is depending on the situation: within or outside city limits, the road type and the presence of other (fixed) traffic signs. This is the regular speed limit. Besides fixed signs the speed limit can be adjusted by changeable signs.

Variable speed limit

Enter the regular Speed limit also in case of:

  • Matrix signs without red border above the road
  • Matrix signs with a red border
  • Changeable signs

Don't enter a Speed limit in case of:

  • Regular of electronic signs have a restricted time period
  • Situations with no regular signs, but only changeable signs.

Speed limit zone

Road signs like Bord-A01.jpg are valid upto the next junction. If no other signs are placed the maximum speed limit of the next street is the standard speed limit. Only maximum speed limit road signs with the word "zone" put around an area are valid for all the streets within this area, (if no other signs overrule the speed limit zone).


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