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Street and City names

  • For most road types both Street and City name should be specified. Check the road types for examples.

City names

Citynames of BeNeLux are locked and can be consulted.

Belgium City names
Some situations are unclear, for example a city divided in two. We refer to the Wallon city of Geest-Gérompont-Petit-Rosière. We input the city as one city. Stick to the names in the list. Adding a new City name, non existent on the list, will result in an error when you try to save in WME.

Dutch City names
In the Netherlands the BAG is leading, for both street and city name.
Only use one City name, also if a local village or neighboorhood is also known under another name.

Street names

All segments should get a City name, and most segments also get a Street name. When entering the Street name, we use the Street name in the official language of the area. For the 19 cities in Brussels area where 2 official languages exist, we use the French version. As a reference, you can find the official language in the City names list.

As there is a City name and Street name, it's possible there is also a road number. This road number should be positioned before the Streetname. Some examples:

  • N200 - S103 - Haarlemmerweg
  • N68 - E421 - Route d'Eupen
  • N451 - Kieldrechtsebaan

If the road is part of a U-route, the U-route identification, like U27, should be added as alternative street name.


Remarks on the pronounciation of street names in the Text to speak navigation:

  • The primary Street is used.
  • Abbreviated titles like Prof and Dr should be spelled with a period after the abbreviated title, like Prof. and Dr. to get the pronounciation right.
  • If the offical Street name differs from the correct pronounciated Street name the official Street name should be defined as alternative name.


There can be a problem with navigating to a fully defined destination - house number present or Residential Place defined - when there is closeby a segment with a matching Alternative Street name. For a complete description and the solution of this problem see Routing to matching Alternative Street names.

See for house numbers the House numbers page

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