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Real Time Closures (RTC) should be used when a road is temporarily unavailable. Users are notified of the closures in real-time, from the moment the closure is added routing through these segments is prevented. Active closures are made visible in the app and Live map with alerts and candy stripes on the closed segments.

Duration of an closure is maximum 6 months. It is possible to add an additional closure for another period following on a previous closure.

The script WME Closure Details can be used to view Closure details on closures outside the editable area. The script WME Advanced Closures handles recurrent and imported closures in the Waze Map Editor.

Users in the Waze app can mark an unexpected road closure they see while driving. Reliable requests become immediately active on the Waze map as a RTC and automatically shared, via the closures bot with editors in the relevant Slack-channels: #closures-be, #closures-be-fr, #closures-nederland and #closures-lux.

App closures have all startdate 1-1-1970 and are almost always one-way closures.

Requests for closures within one or two days are welcome in these channels, others can be requested on Dutch forum closures and Belgium forum closures.

For defining special events for sets of closures see the Major Traffic Events page.

Information from GIPOD is used to provide information on closures in Flanders,
CCP-partner Wegstatus collects information from authorities in the Netherlands.
In some areas Security Regions manage RTCs.

For more information see the global page Real time closures.