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Usage example: {{UpdatedBanner |majorDate=2014/12/29 |majorChurn=2014/12/30 |majorDesc=Create a standardzied banner to date major policy page changes and similar items in the wiki. |majorForum=}} Template:UpdatedBanner

Displays a banner at the top of important pages ("must-reads"). The banner can be strongly worded semi-automatically for a period after major revision. Also supports important policy updates that are not at the level of major revisions, or many edits over time resulting from or resulting in a major revision.


  • majorDate = YYYY/MM/DD - date last major set of updates started (if there is still churn expected) or completed (if now stable)
  • majorDesc = description of the changes
  • majorForum = forum thread discussing the major changes
  • majorChurn = YYYY/MM/DD - a later update related to the recent major change
  • otherDate = YYYY/MM/DD - optional - last date of any significant change in content that is not considered major
  • otherForum = forum thread discussing any less significant changes

Four stratums of change are possible in the context of this template's banner:

  • Major: Page is completely overhauled, or many policy changes, or even a single policy change that has community-wide, "must know" implications. Should add/update the majorDate/majorDesc/majorForum, and remove otherDate. When expired (6 months) should be downgraded.
  • "Major churn:" There has been a recent major update, and the new change is smaller but corrects/clarifies the major update. Should only apply if the major update or subsequent similar "churn" was within the past two weeks. Change/add majorChurn but leave other parameters alone. Note that majorChurn should not be used for formatting, grammar, inconsequential updates, nor for any update not related to a recent major change.
  • Minor change: Inconsequential. Formatting, grammar, clarification to an item that is unlikely to have any significant impact if missed. Do not update the banner. You may wish to tick the "minor edit" box built into the wiki editing form.
  • Other: Any change to content that is important, but less critical, and does not alter the page as a whole. Update the otherDate and possibly otherForum, but nothing else. Note that if a change unrelated to a major overhaul occurs even the day after overhaul, then it is considered "other" not "churn."

Important note: "Major changes" semi-automatically "expire" after 6 months. If the page is not touched, it will continue to display the strong notification. However, the next time the page is saved after the 6 month mark, even if the UpdatedBanner template is not touched, it will automatically "sense" the expiration and change to a simpler, toned down message. The 6 month mark is set exclusively by majorDate, not majorChurn, so it is important to remove majorChurn and update majorDate once the churn period ends.

Some additional examples:

Call out intermediate level change to one section {{UpdatedBanner|otherDate=2005/3/21|otherForum=|otherSection=Some Part}}

...results in...


Major change with unrelated intermediate change to one section {{UpdatedBanner |majorDate=2014/12/29 |majorChurn=2014/12/30 |majorDesc=Explanation of a significant change to editing policy within the document. |majorForum=|otherDate=2005/3/21|otherForum=|otherSection=Some Part}}

...results in...