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BeNeLux Wiki in English, translation into other languages is started...

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Wiki Translation

Wiki Translate Extension

The translation of our BeNeLux Wiki pages is done with the help of the Translate extension.

  • BeNeLux Wiki pages that start with the simple "languages" tag start with a language selection bar.
  • The base text of each page, that needs translation, is enclosed in translate tags..
  • The extension splits the indicated base text into paragraph sized units and creates a message group for them. One page would be one message group, where, in the simplest form, each paragraph would be one message in that group.
  • You can have links automatically go to the user's preferred language version (only) when it exists, by using links of the form a page link with Special:MyLanguage/Pagename.

Translation process

  • Stable pages are marked for translation by the Wiki master. You can request a page marked for translation via the Slack #team-wazeopedia channel. The Wiki page Page translation lists the pages to be marked for translation and the pages that are currently in translation.


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