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Sep 25: First day as Baby Wazer. The app only connects when I'm at home. None of my drives are being recorded. App says "Searching network..." - I looked on the forums: and tried Settings - Airplane mode off, then on. Still doesn't work.

Sep 26: Still not connecting to 'the network' while driving around. I looked up more stuff for beginners and found information on "Internet Connection". It says I need Data for Waze. So I checked my iPhone Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data is on. Scroll down to see all my apps: Waze - was off so I turned it on. I'll try driving around tomorrow.

Sep 28: I drove to work and back and collected the candy for "drive 10 miles". Yet no points show in the app. I checked online and see I have 25 points from the candy, but still no mileage is added to my dashboard. I found a Support response saying due to load volumes it could take up to 7 days to get my miles (kilometers) added. And no Drives show on the Map either yet.