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This widget allows you to add a YouTube video player to your wiki page.

Using this widget

To embed a youtube video like the one you see below, use the following widget code on the page:



The following parameters are supported by this widget.

|id= video id (from the URL)

|playlist= playlist name (starts with PL) - first clip is played (if this parameter is defined, the id parameter is ignored)

|height= and |width= define view dimensions

420x350 is default
the maximum size for the Waze wiki pages is |width=720

Widget Source

For more information on this widget, see the widget description page on MediaWikiWidgets.org.

Copy to your site
To use this widget on your site, just install the MediaWiki Widgets extension and the copy full source code of this page to your wiki, as an article called Widget:YouTube.
The above documentation is transcluded from Widget:YouTube/doc.
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