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Alert Types

  • Alert pin hazard@2x.png - Hazard
  • Alert pin chit chat@2x.png - Chit chat
  • Alert pin loads@2x.png - Traffic
  • Alert pin police@2x.png - Police
  • Alert pin accident@2x.png - Accident
  • Alert pin other@2x.png - Alerts from other providers
  • Rm red light cam@2x.png - Red light cam
  • Rm dummy speed cam@2x.png - dummy speed cam
  • Rm speed cam@2x.png - Speed cam


  • Menu-Lol-female@2x.pngMenu-Lol@2x.png - LOL
  • Menu-cool-female@2x.pngMenu-cool@2x.png - Cool
  • Menu-Duck-female@2x.pngMenu-Duck@2x.png - Quack
  • Menu-frustrated-female.pngMenu-frustrated@2x.png - Frustrated
  • Menu-geek-female@2x.pngMenu-geek@2x.png - Geek
  • Menu-Happy-female@2x.pngMenu-happy@2x.png - Happy
  • Menu-inlove-female@2x.pngMenu-inlove@2x.png - In love
  • Menu-Ninja-female@2x.pngMenu-Ninja@2x.png - Ninja
  • Menu-peaceful-female@2x.pngMenu-peaceful@2x.png - Peaceful
  • Menu-sad-female@2x.pngMenu-sad@2x.png - Sad
  • Menu-Sarcastic-female@2x.pngMenu-Sarcastic@2x.png - Sarcastic
  • Menu-Shy-female@2x.pngMenu-shy@2x.png - Shy
  • Menu-Sick-female@2x.pngMenu-Sick@2x.png- Sick
  • Menu-sleepy-female@2x.pngMenu-sleepy@2x.png - Sleepy
  • Menu-speedy-female@2x.pngMenu-speedy@2x.png - Speedy

Exclusive Moods

  • Menu-wazer baby@2x.png - Baby
  • Menu-Bronze@2x.png - Bronze
  • Menu-Silver@2x.png - Silver
  • Menu-Gold@2x.png - Gold

Waze Ranks


Wazer baby@2x.png

Waze Baby

Welcome to the world, Wazer! You're a baby now, but not for long... Drive 100 miles to become a Grown up.

Waze Grown-Up

You've matured and can now pick a new Waze mood. To become a Waze Warrior you'll need to seriously ramp up on points...

Waze Warrior

Behold the shield! You've reached the top 10% of high scorers in your region. Maintaining it won't be easy...

Waze Knight

The sword is yours! You've reached the top 4% of high scorers in your region. You're almost Royalty... Keep on looking for point opportunities

Waze Royalty

You've arrived! You're in the top 1% of high scorers in your region. Drive around knowing you're as VIP as they come...

To reach king level, you have to be in a certain top % of all wazers in your locality (in the US, this is determined by state).

The top % is calculated once a month, and if more and more wazers get points, it's possible that the total amount needed to reach shield / sword / crown will actually go up. While it could be frustrating, it helps us guarantee that no one gets the 'royalty' level for good - it always gives a chance for new wazers to come along and get it.