Australia/How to help on major routes

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Fantastic and thank you!

So how can you help?

  1. Do you have access to edit that section of the map? There are two ways:
    1. You've driven the section yourself with the client running or using the pave option
    2. Request Area Manager for those sections (don't be scared by this, anyone can request and get it.
  2. Start Editing! There is a complete list of editing guidelines but in short:
    1. If a segment already exists, don't delete it but reuse it so the existing traffic data is retained. Otherwise add the missing segments.
    2. Don't split roads unless there is a decent gap between the lanes
    3. Generally allow all turns on junctions (unless you can't turn). Keyboard shortcut is Q W.
    4. M routes as Freeways, A routes as Major Highways (or Minor in bigger towns), B & C routes as Minor Highways
    5. Prefix the name of the highway with the alphanumeric designator (eg. A1 - Princes Hwy). This makes it easier for people following the directions and matching it to street signs.
    6. In towns label the section City with the state (VIC, NSW, SA etc) if it is duplicated in another state (eg. "Camperdown, VIC" and "Camperdown, NSW".
    7. Where there is an existing road, resolve existing reports
  3. Update the To Do pages on what you've done and what's left. This helps others to pick up from where you left off.