Automatic map updates and the locking of roads

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Waze looks at driving routes and makes adjustments to the map. It will change the directionality of a road, enable turns, and reportedly it will change the geometry or layout of a road.

This can cause map errors, especially in areas where there are few wazers. One wazer who always travels one way down a road may change a correctly recorded two-way road into one-way.

Some roads are restricted to one way during normal driving hours. Some late night driving may change these roads to two-way causing problems when people try to use that route during the day. Other roads have turn restrictions that apply at peak times. Waze may enable a restricted turn causing bad routing advice at peak times.

If you observe this, the solution is to correct the road and then to tick the Locked checkbox on the Edit Map Details screen, making sure to Save Your Changes.

Locking a road segment will prevent lower users from changing it.