Manuel Utilisateur/A l'approche de la destination

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As you approach your destination, a popup will appear at the top of your screen:


This is the Nearing Destination feature, or Destination bar. It activates when you are about 0.2 miles from your destination. It includes a mute button, stop navigation button, parking button, and friends button.

IMG 1198.jpg

  • Near1.jpg Mute the navigation guidance.
  • Near2.jpg Stop the navigation.
  • Near3.jpg Drop parking pin.
    • Saves your parking location for you.
    • Shows the parking pin the next time Waze starts to remind you where you parked.
    • Shares your parking location with friends also arriving at your destination.
    • Friends can click on the parking icon and navigate to it.
  • Near4.jpg Friends (short cut to friends screen).

As you approach, pins on map highlight parking around you.

Manually activate parking pin

If you are not navigating or you dismiss this menu before you select the parking pin, you can use this trick to mark your parking spot while still at your car.

  • Tap-hold the map near your car icon on the map.
  • Tap the "circle-i" in the pop-up that appears.
  • Select Go and then Go again.
  • The menu will appear with the parking pin.
  • Select it to mark your vehicle location.