Ranks and Structures in Australia

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Waze has recently introduced a new guideline on ranks. You can see your own editing rank from the Waze Map Editor (WME) on the top left of the screen. Your rank appears as a series of cones with a number. In the WME when you select a segment, the properties drawer will show you the name of the editor who created and last modified the segment. The number in parenthesis is the rank system scale.

To advance in rank you have to fulfill the requirements Waze has published: Ranks and Points

Australia is a Self Managed country and has decided to go a more progressive way as an alternate path to rank than just accumulating edits. We don't look a pure edit numbers but on your contribution to the whole system. We will review your edits as well, but in aspects of skill and quality. Another aspect is your participation in the forums. After all, Waze is a community based map system, so we have to work together and this calls for communication and exchange of information.

Rank Structure
Rank Requirement How to obtain the rank
1 N/A All new editors start in this group.
2 Basic Editing skills
Active in forum
After some editing you will have learned the basic editing procedures, you've read the Wiki and are, at least frequently, visiting the forum to pick up what's new you might contact your State Manager or one of the CM's to have him review your edits. The CM team will then take the necessary steps to ensure your promotion.
3 AM If you want Level 3, you will have to apply to become an Area Manager. You should already know yet how this is done...
We will not support a promotion to Level 3 for editors without managing an area and guiding editors. Good knowledge of Waze procedures and activity in the forum is expected.
4 RM Level 4 we have reserved for Regional Managers (RM). Those are AM managing a considerable large area, covering several other AM areas, who have volunteered to guide editors and (new) AMs. You will have to gradually expand your AM area and if you think it is big enough you'll have to contact your State Manager or one of the CM's. Beside the quality of your edits we will review your contribution in the forum or other subjects as supporting other user, helping with the Wiki etc. As contribution in other community activities will cost you editing time this quite makes it necessary to promote with lower editing numbers than the table from Waze is showing.
5 SM
State Managers are RM with an area covering a whole State. You can not apply, but you can state your interest. Appointment and promotion will be initiated by the CM team. SM's may even be given Country wide editing rights.
6 Community Leader The Community Leader is appointed by Waze (usually from the CM Team) and Waze may decide to give them this rank.

If your rank is lower than what it should be (based on the criteria above), please contact a CM to have the Waze Champs look into the situation. Moving from one rank to the next higher rank is not automatic and needs assistance from them.

If you already hold a higher rank just don't worry, nobody will loose their present rank. Just for further advance you will have to meet the respective requirements.

The automatic rank upgrade based on editing points has been postponed by Waze for now and all requests to Waze will be forwarded to the Community Leader. So for Australia the way described above - quality and contribution - is the only way to promotion.