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Benelux Pedestrian Boardwalk

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Pedestrian Boardwalks are used for:
* Bicycle paths
* Pedestrian zones<br />
Note that, in the BeNeLux, [[Benelux_Walking_Trail|Walking trails]] are NOT used for these types of roads.
Pedestrian Boardwalks (PBs) are often not necessary to use, because Waze is solely meant for drivers. They should only be added when it improves navigation for the driver!
<b>When to use a Pedestrian Boardwalk:</b><br />
In some cases, a PB is necessary to add to the map:
* when the segment contains house numbers
* to separate different speed tracks, for keeping speed data accurate
<b>How to use Pedestrian Boardwalk</b><br />
When you do think a Pedestrian Boardwalk should be added, according to the above guidelines, make sure to disconnect them from the driveable roads, to prevent routing over them. PBs are generally set to driving direction Unknown.<br />
The only exception are segments containing house numbers: They should be connected, with the driving direction set to two-way. Both inward and outward [[User:Moweez/BeNeLux_Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Turn_instructions|Turn Restrictions]] are set to ''Allowed''. This is to make sure Waze directs you closest to your destination.<br />
All necessary Pedestrian Boardwalks should be locked to level 3.<br />
Be aware that adding Pedestrian Boardwalks can even generate the use of Waze by cyclists and walkers, which would lead to corrupt data! Walking trails and Pedestrian Boardwalks that are not necessary should be deleted, even if they do not disturb the routing. Its presence will encourage other editors to add even more!
<b>How to handle existing pedestrian Boardwalks</b><br />
When a PB shows a lock level lower then 3, you have 3 options to correct it:
# Check if the segment follows the guidelines above. If the segment is valid and correctly drawn, make sure to lock it to level 3. If you cannot lock it yourself, ask for a [[User:Moweez/Verbeter_je_vaardigheden#Locks:_vergrendelde_segmenten|lock]].
# In all other cases, contact the user who added the segment via PM, HO or Slack to discuss the necessary changes. You may as well add the link to this page in your message.<br />
In this way, every existing Pedestrian Boardwalk will be evaluated by a L3+ editor, resulting in a cleaner map and better driving instructions.<br />
When you have any doubt on using this road type, just ask in the [ forum] or on [ Slack©].
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