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Benelux Pedestrian Boardwalk

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When a PB shows a lock level lower then 3, you have 3 options to correct it:
# Check if the segment follows the guidelines above. If the segment is valid and correctly drawn, make sure to lock it to level 3. If you cannot lock it yourself, ask for a [[User:Moweez/Verbeter_je_vaardigheden#Locks:_vergrendelde_segmenten|lock of the segment]].
# If the segment is not valid, and it is added longer than 6 months ago, just delete it.
# In all other cases, contact the user who added the segment via PM, HO or Slack to discuss the necessary changes. You may as well add the link to this page in your message.<br />
{{Benelux Roads Table
|Type=* <translate><!--T:32-->Pedestrian Boardwalk * PB with house numbers* Pedestrian Boardwalk PB (all others)</translate>|* Icon=Other-roads.png* Icon=Other-roads.png|* Street=<center>&#x2718;</center>* Street=<center>&#x2718x2714;</center>|* City=<center>&#x2718;</center>* |City=<center>&#x2718x2714;</center>|* Direction=2* Direction=Two way (⇄)* Unknown|Lock=* 3
{{Benelux Roads Footer|Sort=Pedestrian Boardwalk}}
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