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Creating and editing road segments

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Drag together: remove the "drag to delete" advice entirely, including the warning not to do it.
When the segments are '''different''', the bridge icon does '''not''' appear at the junction.{{clear}}
=====Drag together=====
<span style="color: red">Warning! This is equivalent to deleting the segment. Traffic data will be lost.</span>
This method eliminates the road segment between two junctions ignoring any differences between the central segment and the segments on either side of the junctions to be merged. It should be used only when you are certain there is no legitimate reason for the central segment to be different.
[[Image:MergeJunc-1a.png|left]][[Image:MergeJunc-1b.png|right]]With the mouse, select one of the junctions to be merged, turning it into a red circle with a white ring around it. Next, drag it toward the other junction while watching for any acute angles in the segment between them. If angles appear, it means there are geometry nodes between the two junctions, and you need to highlight and delete the segment. If there are no geometry nodes between them, simply slide the red junction on top of the second (target) junction to merge. Note that turn restrictions previously set on either junction are overwritten, so review them to insure they are set correctly using the [[Creating and editing road segments#Set allowed turns .28connections.29|procedure above]].
====Cut a segment to create a new junction====
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