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WME Chat addon
== WME Chat ==
por: [[User:dummyd2|dummyd2]]
Versão: 0.8
[[File:WME Chat addon.png|center|WME Chat addon window]]
Este script modifica a interface da janela do chat adicionando outras funções:
[[File:WME Addon settings.png|right]]<noinclude><!--
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* Removes duplicate messages (hide only, this is not a fix for WME bug)
* Adds TTS functionality for incoming messages in any language supported by Google
** Find the language code in the Google Translate URL in between /#'''en'''/ , the letters in the place of en are the language code
** Customize the prefix text for messages and links in settings
* Make links clickable, and opens in new tab
* Transforms permalinks into clickable target without reloading WME.
* Hover over the link to see how elements v(segments, nodes, venues) are included in the permalink.
* Small "+" and permalink icon next to the input message area to insert current permalink
[[File:WME addon names.png|right]]
* Bell or Zzz icon next to each user in the users list to insert the "bip" in the message (insert a text containing the username, customisable in settings)
** Bell icon changes to reflect recent activity status (movement on map, or chat message post). Activity within the past 5 minutes = Green -> Red gradual change, after 20 minutes = Zzz.
* Top bar is made light grey when invisible
* You can use smileys: <nowiki>:) :D ;) :( :o :? 8-) :x :P :|</nowiki>
* “Settings button (gear)” on top bar, near minimize button on right side includes options to:
* Remove messages of users not in the room
* Post a system message when a user joins or leaves the room
* Sort user list by user name, rank, and/or activity (username for secondary sort)
* Force room connection when editing near country boundaries
* Messages are manipulated to:
** Make live usernames clickable to send “bip”
** Show a target link next to the username in a message to jump to their location
** Show rank of user next to username
** Show date and time or only time of post (available in settings), in small font size, grey, and right aligned
** Play sound on new message (mutable in settings)
** New messages posted by you have a light blue background (adjustable in settings "My message background color")
[[File:WME Chat addon full alert.png|200px|thumbnail|right]]
[[File:WME Chat addon minimized alert.png|right]]
* Alerts:
** Chat top panel (if open) or chat button (if closed) change color to dark red (color adjustable in settings) if someone type a message containing any of your keywords (case insensitive).
** Keywords are set in settings, the default is your username but you can add others separated by a comma “,”. (See tool tip text in settings)
** Alert keywords in message are highlighted
** Alert color returns back to original color when you send a message, close chat window, or click on highlighted keyword
** Play sound on alert (mutable in settings)
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* Removes duplicate messages, make links clickable, transforms permalinks into clickable target without reloading WME, hover shows amount of included elements, small icon next to the input message area to insert current permalink, bell/Zzz icon next to each user to insert the "bip" message, icon changes to reflect recent activity, top bar is made light grey when invisible, adds smileys: <nowiki>:) :D ;) :( :o :? 8-) :x :P :|</nowiki>
* “Settings button” gives options to; remove messages of users not in the room, add a message when a user joins or leaves the room, sort user list by name, rank, or activity, choose a room connection.
* TTS available in languages supported by Google
* Messages are manipulated to; make usernames clickable to send “bip”, add a target link next to the username to jump, rank of user, date and/or time, sound on new message, highlight your messages
* Alerts make the top panel or chat button change to dark red if theres a message with any of your keywords; keywords are in settings, keywords are highlighted, sound on alert, etc.).
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*''Compatible with WME Chat jumper: so each "jump" with WME Chat addon is reversible using WME Chat jumper.''
<u>'''Download WME Chat addon'''</u>
* From [ GreasyFork]
<u>'''More Information'''</u>
<includeonly>* For the full details see the [[WME Chat#WME Chat addon|WME Chat]] article.</includeonly><!--
--><noinclude>* Wiki page on installing [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools|Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools]]</noinclude>
* '''In Chrome this script must be installed through TamperMonkey'''
* [ WME Addon Forum thread]
=== WME Chat addon ===