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[[file:nevada-county-map.gif|thumb|Counties of Nevada]]
| text = Google has deprecated a technology called NPAPI in Chrome 42, and plans to drop it entirely at some point. This technology is required to run plugins like Silverlight, Java and others. Firefox has also reduced support for NPAPI as of 30. Many of the links below will require you to allow these plugins to run, by way of a popup in your browser. Some of the sites below use Silverlight, and will be affected by this change.
* [ Carson City Public GIS]
* [ Churchill County Tax Parcels (Interactive GIS)]
* [ Mineral County Assessor's Office] - No online GIS data available.
* [ Nye County Interactive GIS]
* [ Pershing County Assessor's Office] has GIS map data availble, though not in an [ interactive, and they don't include address information. You can use them to verify correct street namesmap] available. Click on ''Assessor Plat Maps'' on the right side of that page and be prepared to drill down several layers of PDF maps until you get option to a Java applet map display that shows you the final maplogin as guest.
* [ Storey County Assessor's Office] has some parcel maps and the ability to search their database by property owner or parcel number, but no GIS map (interactive or otherwise) available via their site.
* [ Washoe County Interactive Quick Map (GIS)]