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Custom color schemes

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Example custom color schemes
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== Default color schemes ==
Thirteen daytime color schemes are available in the Waze 3.x client:
* Default
* Green peace
* Map editors
* Green fields
There are just two daytime color schemes are available in the Waze 4.0 client:
* Default
* Map editors
The daytime color scheme can be changed in Settings - Display Settings - Map Color Scheme.
Each color scheme is defined by a '''schema file'''. The schema file contains the color and size information for each road type and certain other features, such as Places, water features, map labels, and so forth.
It should be noted that due to significant differences between the v3.x client and the v4.x client color schemes are not interchangeable and must be designed for the correct client version.
The easiest way to create your own scheme is to start with one of the default schema files. To get to the default schema files, you'll need a file browser for your device (such as iFunBox for use with iOS devices, or ASTRO File Manager for Android).
*In iOS, the day schemes are found in '''User Applications » Waze » » skins » default » day''' and its subfolders, and the night scheme is found in '''User Applications » Waze » » skins » default » night'''.
*{{anchor|Android files}}In Android, you can use the visual Editor [ Toggelis Waze Editor], or edit the files manually. The day schemes are found in '''SD Card (or your root folder) » Waze » skins » default » day''' and its subfolders, and the night scheme is found in '''SD Card (or your root folder) » Waze » skins » default » night'''.
You may wish to copy both directories to your computer to make it easier.
* '''12: Default'''
* day folder: Vitamin C
Note that Waze 4.0 for iOS only has two day color schemes; Default (12) and Map Editors (8 - with old colors).
To edit a schema file, open it in a text editor. Each schema file is a list of parameters – most relating to color and size. Color parameters are in #rrggbb hex color format (see [[wikipedia:web colors|web colors]]); some color parameters have two additional digits, controlling the alpha channel (transparency) of that particular feature (#rrggbbaa).
The categories, descriptors, and classes used in the schemas are modified from the RoadMap schema API. Here is the current Waze schema API:
{| class="wikitable"
! Parameter name Category !! What it doesDescriptors
! colspan="2" | GeneralMap (global) ||*Background (solid color of land, except islands)
| Map.Background Labels (global) || The background *Color (solid color of the map.all labels)*Bgcolor (alpha outline color of all labels)*MinFeatureSize (minimum size for a feature that can be labeled)
| LabelsRoad Class:*Freeways*Primary (Major highways)*Secondary (Minor highways)*Ramps (Ramps)*Highways (Primary streets)*Streets (Streets, Private streets, Parking lot roads)*Pedestrian (Pedestrian boardwalk)*4X4 Trails (Dirt road/4X4 trail)*Trails (Walking trail)*Walkway (Stairs)*Railroads (Railroad)*Runways (Runway/taxi)*Ferry (Ferry)||*Class (required; must be set to Road)*Thickness (required; thickness of road relative to zoom level and screen size.If less than 2, the road cannot have a fill color or label)*Color || The (solid color of the road name )*Color1 (alpha fill color pen for munched roads; nodes will be solid)*Color2 (alpha fill color pen for unmunched roads; nodes will be solid)*Declutter (zoom level at which the road is forcibly hidden)*Delta1 (fill color margin for munched roads; negative value)*Delta2 (fill color margin for unmunched roads; negative value)*LabelDeclutter (zoom level at which the label is forcibly hidden)*LabelColor: (label text.color #rrggbbaa)
| Labels.Bgcolor || The outline/outer glow of all text labels – roadsArea Class:*Airports (Islands, NOT AIRPORTS)*Cities (Cities)*Parks (Parks, forests, etc)*Sea (Lakes, rivers, streams, canals, citiesswamps, Placesoceans, etc)*Stations (All area places that don't fall into one of the above categories)||*Class (required; must be set to Area)*Thickness (required; thickness of area outline relative to zoom level and screen size.If less than 2, the area cannot have a label)*Color (alpha fill color)*Color1 (solid outline color)*Declutter (zoom level at which the area is forcibly hidden)*Delta1 (outline color margin; negative value)*LabelDeclutter (zoom level at which the label is forcibly hidden)
| Console.Foreground || unknown|-| Console.Background || unknown|-! colspan="2" | Road class: Roads and other lines|-| Freeways || Freeway|-| Primary || Major Highway|-| Secondary || Minor Highway|-| Highways || Primary Street|-| Streets || Street, Private Road, Parking Lot Road|-| Ramps || Ramp|-| Exit || unknown/unused at this time|-| 4X4 Trails || Dirt road / 4x4 Trail|-| Railroads || Railroad|-| Runways || Runway/Taxiway|-| Ferry || unused at this time?|-| Private || unused at this time|-| Parking || unused at this time|-| Pedestrian || Pedestrian Boardwalk|-| Trails || Walking Trail|-| Walkway || Stairway|-! colspan="2" | Road parameters|-| Class || Class Navigation ("Road"navigational features)|-| Color || Color of road outline|-| Color1 || Color of road body|-| Color2 || Color of unmunched road body|-| Declutter{{ref|c|0}} || Possibly controls the zoom level at which the road type disappears?|-| Delta1{{ref|b|1}} || Thickness of road outline *RouteColor (in negative pixelsmain screen highlighted destination route color)|-| Delta2 || Thickness of unmunched road outline *StopPointColor (in negative pixelsmain screen highlighted stop point route color)|-| Thickness || Overall thickness of road *Alt1outeColor (in nondimensional unitsTYPO REQUIRED; route 1-very thin; 5-very thickhighlight color in the Routes map)|-! colspan="*Alt2outeColor (TYPO REQUIRED; route 2" | Area class: Places, cities, and water layerhighlight color in the Routes map)|-| Stations || Most Area Places|-| Cities || Cities *Alt3RouteColor (as seen route 3 highlight color in WME city layerthe Routes map)|-| Airports{{ref|a|2}} || Islands *PossibleRouteColor (not user-editableNOT YET IDENTIFIED, default is light blue)|-*NavigatePen1 (NOT YET IDENTIFIED)| Hospitals || unknown/unused at this time|-| Malls || unknown/unused at this time|-| Parks || Area Places: Park, possibly others *NavigatePen2 (Forest? Golf course?NOT YET IDENTIFIED)|-| Rivers || unknown/unused at this time|-| Lakes || unknown/unused at this time|-| Sea || Water layer *NavigatePenEst1 (not user-editableNOT YET IDENTIFIED) and water-type Area Places *NavigatePenEst2 (user-editableNOT YET IDENTIFIED)|*NavigateAlt1Pen1-| Shore || unknown/unused at this time|-! colspan="2" | Area parameters|-| Class || Class 0 ("Area" or "Feature"NOT YET IDENTIFIED)|*NavigateAlt1Pen1-| Color || Color of area polygon|-| Color1 || Color of area border|-| Declutter || unknown|-| Delta1{{ref|b|1}} || Size of area border (in pixels?NOT YET IDENTIFIED)|*NavigateAlt1Pen2-| Thickness || unknown|-! colspan="2" | Other|-| Navigation.RouteColor || Navigation line to your destination 0 (default: purpleNOT YET IDENTIFIED)|*NavigateAlt1Pen2-| Navigation.PossibleRouteColor || unknown/unused at this time 1 (default: light blueNOT YET IDENTIFIED)|*NavigateAlt1Pen3-| Navigation.StopPointColor || Navigation line to 0 (per a stop point (default: pinktypo this also sets NavigateAlt1Pen3-1, NOT YET IDENTIFIED)
{{note|c|0}} What declutter does exactly is unknown. What is ascertainable is that the declutter value is a 32-bit signed integer – the freeway type has a declutter value of 2147483647.
{{note|b|1}} The delta values and their corresponding colors seem to operate differently for roads than they do for areas. For roads, Color1 and Color2 are apparently drawn on top of Color, so the delta values are negative – the Color "border" is apparently actually the bottom layer. For areas, Color1 is apparently drawn only past the edge of the area, so the delta value is positive – the Color1 "border" seems to be an actual border.
{{note|a|2}} Oddly enough. The "airports" (actually islands) layer is the only area layer drawn on top of the sea (water) layer.
=== Installing custom color schemes ===
==== iOS ====
'''Note: As of iOS 8.3 it is not possible to load custom color schemes to an Apple device until Waze enables iTunes file sharing for the app.'''
Installing custom themes in iOS does not require replacing the default themes, so don't worry about creating a backup.
* Get an iOS file manager, such as [ iFunBox].
** Note that this will replace the default night theme; only one night theme can be installed at a given time.
* To use an installed theme,
** Day schemes: In Settings » Display » Display settings » Map Color Scheme, select the name of the theme you replaced. So, if you placed your schema file in folder '''5''', select "Tutti-frutti" in the app to use your custom scheme (there is currently no known way to rename schemes in the list in the app). Also, ensure that the client is in "day" mode, or leave it in "auto" and wait until daytime.
** Night schemes: Set the client to "night" mode or wait until nighttime.
* You can replace a schema file for a currently-selected theme even while the client is running, but to use a new version of a theme you are already running, you have to make the client reload the theme. To do this, switch away from and back to that theme. The quickest way to do this is to set the client to day/night mode and back.
=== Example custom color schemes ===
{{mbox|image=[[File:Wikitext.png|50px|link=|alt=]]|text=To simplify the coding for adding a script to this table there is the recommended option to use the {{tl|ColorSchemeEntry}} template. ''instructions are available on the templates page''.}}
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! By !! Details !! Screenshot !! Links
| [[User:BobTheWikipedian/Color_schemes/Map_editors|Map Editors 20152016]]
| [[User:BobTheWikipedian/Color_schemes/Map_editors|Map Editors 2015]]
{{ColorSchemeEntry|User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors|transcludesection=update}}| [[User:PesachZ|PesachZ]]| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editorsColorSchemeEntry|transcludesection=details}}|{{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors|transcludesection=screenshotMap editors 2015 colors}}|{{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors|transcludesection=links}}
| [[User:Sketch/Color_schemes/Friendly_WME|Friendly WME Theme]]
| [[User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors night|Map Editors night]]
{{ColorSchemeEntry|User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors night|transcludesection=update}}| [[User:PesachZ|PesachZ]]| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors nightColorSchemeEntry|transcludesection=details}}| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors Map editors night|transcludesection=screenshot2015 colors}}| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map_editors night|transcludesection=links}}
| [[User:Sketch/Color_schemes/WME_Neon_Night|WME Neon Night Theme]]
| [[User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Night blue|Night Blue]]
{{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Night blue|transcludesection=update}}ColorSchemeEntry| [[User:PesachZ|PesachZ]]| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Night blue|transcludesection=details}}| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Night blue|transcludesection=screenshot}}| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Night blue|transcludesection=links}}
| [[User:DeepSouthDiver/Garminesque day|Garminesque day]]
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/OS_OpenData|transcludesection=links}}
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
| [[User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK|Classic Google Maps UK]]
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK|transcludesection=screenshot}}
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK|transcludesection=links}}
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
| [[User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK_v4|Classic Google Maps v4.1]]
| [[User:Dave2084|Dave2084]]
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK_v4|transcludesection=details}}
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK_v4|transcludesection=screenshot}}
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Classic_Google_Maps_UK_v4|transcludesection=links}}
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
| [[User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night|Audi TT At Night]]
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night|transcludesection=screenshot}}
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night|transcludesection=links}}
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
| [[User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night_v4|Audi TT At Night v4.1]]
| [[User:Dave2084|Dave2084]]
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night_v4|transcludesection=details}}
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night_v4|transcludesection=screenshot}}
| {{User:Dave2084/Colour_Schemes/Audi_TT_At_Night_v4|transcludesection=links}}
| [[User:Chief5232/WME Map Editors Black|WME Map Editors Black]]
| {{User:Chief5232/WME Map Editors Black|transcludesection=screenshot}}
| {{User:Chief5232/WME Map Editors Black|transcludesection=links}}
 {{ColorSchemeEntry|-}}| Example || Example || Example || Example || Example{{ColorSchemeEntry|-User:USERNAME/EXAMPLE_LINK}}| Example || Example || Example || Example || Example
| Example || Example || Example || Example || Example