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== Win Fabulous Prizes! ==
Top 3 finishers of each category each will get a T-shirt.
===Raid Groups===
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==== Raid Areas ====
==== PUR Team ====
'''The Big DigTunnels''' - I-93 runs through tunnels under Boston. There are underground ramps from the freeway to the surface. Please do not make ANY adjustments to the area without approval from State Management.
'''Please do not alter any of the following road ''types'' without first consulting a [[#Local Hosts | Local Host]]''': Freeway, Ramp, Major Highway, Minor Highway, Primary Street.
'''Wicked''' - This word is used as a modifier. In order to use it correctly, it must be followed by an adjective. "That club was wicked" is incorrect, and pegs you immediately as a tourist. And that's a wicked piss-ah. It does NOT mean evil or bad.
'''The Accent''' - Either you have it or you don't. And we don't "pahk the cah in the hahvahd yahd." Although, at times, "the weathah heah is wicked bzah".