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MapRaid Promotions
<big>The '''Boston MapRaid''' will begin on 19 July, 2015. The raid will run through July 26thhas come and gone..{{mbox| type = critical| small = left| textstyle = color: red; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;| text = Please be sure Thank you to explore the Wiki page. Also, check back regularly in case of added materials. everyone who helped!<br/big>You are only seeing modifications of this page made up until {{#time:D, j M Y H:i:s T}}, make sure to log in to the wiki to see the latest updates.| smalltext = Text for the top of article sections.}}<!-- {{Mbox|image=[[File:Application clipboard.png|40px]]|text='''''Registration for MapRaid is closed.}} -->----[[File:Mapraid_Boston.png|700px|center]] 
== Welcome to Bah-ston! ==<big>'''MapRaid Mission'''</big>
[[FileOur primary mission is to handle the following (in order of priority):BostonMapRaid.png|700px|center]]
== Mission ==
Our mission are to handle the following (in order of priority):
Our primary mission is to handle
<!-- <div style="column-count:2;-moz-column-count:2;-webkit-column-count:2"> -->
* URs -- On day 1, please respond to all URs which do not have enough information.
* MPs
* PURs (Places)
* '''Routing'''
* [[Massachusetts/Major_roads#Functional_Classification|Road Classification Updates]]
* General map verification, restricted turn verification (Shift + Z)
::* Missing Street Names (assisted by [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Color_Highlights_.28WMECH.29|WME Color Highlights]])
::* Elevation (assisted by [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Toolbox|WME Toolbox]])<br>
 Additionally, we will be looking to identify roads that may need to be divided, for better navigation.   == Welcome to Boston! == Ask anyone from Boston and they will confirm that the universe does indeed orbit around the city. [[File:MA_regions.png|200px|thumb|right|MA Regions]]However, this raid encompasses a large chunk of the Eastern MA Metro area. So it's only fair to familiarize you with the area. Massachusetts is broken up in several informal regions. The raid area will cover several of these regions: South Shore, North Shore, Boston, Brockton, Metro South/West and Metro North. There is some overlap into neighboring areas. [[File:Boston_Neighborhoods.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Boston Neighborhoods]]Boston itself is broken up into several distinct neighborhoods. Historically these were self-identified ethnic areas. (for instance, the Irish lived in the South End, the Italians in the North End, etc.) Each neighborhood has it's own distinct personality and flavor. Some other important Boston items to remember: '''Chowdah''' -The only proper way to make clam chowder involves cream. Red sauce is best left to Italian food! '''Bean Town''' -Ancient nickname for Boston. Not widely used any longer Using it marks you immediately as a tourist from the midwest. '''The Accent''' -Either you have it or you don't. And we don't "pahk the cah in the hahvahd yahd." Although, at times, "the weathah heah is wicked bzah". '''Wicked''' - This word is used as a modifier. In order to use it correctly, it must be followed by an adjective. "That club was wicked" is incorrect, and pegs you immediately as a tourist from the Midwest. It does ''NOT'' mean evil or bad.  
== Win Fabulous Prizes! ==
Top Ok, maybe not so fabulous to some. But the top 3 finishers of each category (Segments edits, PURs, URs, etc) will each get a Waze T-shirt. <small>''Unfortunately, any Raider starting early will be disqualified from the contest, and possibly blocked from editing.''</small>
==Local Hosts==
These "dedicated," local editors have agreed to act as Local Hosts for the raid. If you have questions about editing, and you can't find the answer in the wiki, or you want to know how it applies in MA, please ask one of these editors.  {| class="wikitable"| style="text-! Editor !! Location !! Rolealign: center;"
! style="width: 200px;" | Editor !! style="width: 180px;" | Location !! style="width: 200px;" |Role|- | {{Username|orbitc}} || All of Massachusetts || Waze Global Champ Regional Coordinator <br/>MapRaid Manager
| {{Username|Dmcrandall}} || All of Massachusetts || State Manager <br/>MA MapRaid Organizer
| {{Username|jaywazin}} || Boston Area || Boston editor and <br/>AM on Cape Cod
| {{Username|SanzClew}} || South Shore || AM for Plymouth area
| {{Username|TheLastTatertot}} || Providence Area || SE MA & Boston editor
| {{Username|GooberKing}} || South of Boston || State Mgr for RI
| {{Username|Panther37}} || South Shore Area || Cape and Islands AM
| {{Username|ZANSR1}} || Boston Area || Statewide editor
| {{Username|richt53}} || Metro West Area || General Editor
== Raid Areas ==
===Raid Groups===
<!---- add map image of raid groups ---->
The map has been broken up into 15 individual groups. They are named for the top 14 greatest athletes in Boston history, as picked by the raid organizer. {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"|-| style="width: 160px;" | [ 01-Boston] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || style="width: 160px;" | [ 06-Brady] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || style="width: 160px;" | [ 11-Hannah] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] |- | [ 02-Orr] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 07-Cousy] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 12-Martinez] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]]|-| [ 03-Russell] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 08-Bourque] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 13-Fisk] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]]|-| [ 04-Williams] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 09-Havlicek] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 14-Pierce] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]]|-| [ 05-Bird] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 10-Yaz] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] || [ 15-Clemens] - [[File:Slack_Icon.png|20px|link=]] |}   === Raid Areas Teams=== Instead of creating a space eating grid with all the editor names, we're going to link to the Forum post with team information. [ Team Lists] 
==== PUR Team ====
'''If you can't find it in this wiki page''', check the [[Massachusetts|State Wiki]] and also the appropriate national wiki page for the subject in question.
'''Tunnels''' - I-93 runs through tunnels under Boston. There are underground ramps from the freeway to the surface. Please do not make ANY adjustments to the area without approval from State Management.
If you are a rank 5 or 6 editor - consider keeping highlights active for locks 5 and 6.
'''Please do not mass-edit''' - Do not perform edits which will affect large numbers of segments at once. The edit history of segments is highly valuable in the process of solving URs. Mass editing effectively mass erases this history, permanently. We ask that all necessary processes which might affect large portions of the map, or long stretches of roads, be reserved until near the end of the MapRaid. This includes the “Select entire street” function. To facilitate this process in an orderly fashion, we have the Scheduled Edits list below. Please document any mass edits which are required, and you will be given first chance to make those edits when the time is right.
'''Close nodes''' - We make use of the "micro-dogleg" technique, where a geometry node is carefully placed, at full zoom, directly next to a junction node, in order to set the angle to create a desired Turn/Stay/Exit prompt. Please watch for these if you move any junction node, and be sure to recreate the same angle at the new location.
'''Clam Chowder''' - The only proper way to make clam chowder involves cream. Red sauce is best left to Italian food!==Local Guidance==
'''Bean Town''' - Ancient nickname for Boston. Not widely used any longer.{{Lock Standard State|MA}}
'''Wicked''' - This word is used as a modifier. In order to use it correctly, it must be followed by an adjective. "That club was wicked" is incorrect, and pegs you immediately as a tourist. And that's a wicked piss-ah. It does NOT mean evil or bad.
'''The Accent''' - Either you have it or you don't. And we don't "pahk the cah in the hahvahd yahd." Although, at times, "the weathah heah is wicked bzah".----=== City/town Naming ===
==Local Guidance==Use only official names for cities/towns on road segments and Places.
{{Lock Standard StateYou can find the list of [[Massachusetts/Cities and towns|MA}}Cities and Towns here]].
FC Information is contained in the [[Massachusetts/Major_roads#Functional_Classification|main state wiki, located here]].
==== Alleys ====
Named alleys should be mapped as Private Roads. Un-named alleys are mapped as Parking Lot Roads. (GIS shows alley names, where appropriate)
==== Private Roads vs PLRs ====
If a neighborhood has a security gate, or a private entrance, map it with a Private Road segment.
Apartment complex driveways, parking lots and everything else gets a Parking Lot Road (PLR) segment.
==== Turns, U-Turns and Turn Restrictions ====
I would add a note to be careful of TRs that should be there (re shift+z)
Valid TRs such as from physically divided roads and illegal turns
In Massachusetts it is legal to make a left turn across one double yellow line. Please do not disallow left turns due to URs reporting “dangerous” or “too difficult” turns, without consulting a [[#Local Hosts | Local Host]].==== Military Installations ====
Please be aware of physically divided roadways that are do not divided in Waze. Check the satellite image closely before changing left turn restrictions along such roadwaysedit on [[Military_Bases|Military bases]] without consulting with your Team Leader first.
U-Turns are legal at all street intersections, unless signed as restricted. When in doubt, check Street View.
====Toll Roads / HOV Truck Lanes====
It is our custom to mark the Toll checkbox ''only on the entrance segments'' to Toll Roads. HOV lanes have already been set correctly according to our local practices. If you have a question about one of these lanes, please contact a [[#Local Hosts | Local Host]].
==== Rotaries (Roundabouts) ====
Boston's Transportation Department has never met a roundabout it didn't like. They're everywhere. Please don't make adjustments to them unless you know exactly what you are doing. Some intersections that look like a roundabout may only be a traffic circle. Check with a local host if you have a question.
==== Tunnels ====
The City of Boston makes use of tunnels along Storrow Drive, as well as I-90 and I-93. Please do not make adjustments to roads in the tunnels.
 ==== Elevation Elevations ====
Freeways are considered to be "Ground Level," except where they cross another freeway. And then that segment is adjusted accordingly. The only other exception to this are the downtown tunnels.
==== Railroads ==== All of the MBTA (regional transit) rail lines have been mappedAlso, do not increase elevation on segments that go over bridges. Most of them are underground in the metro areaIf there is no other segment going under it, it should be Ground.
Please do not adjust railroad elevations, or junction them to surface streets, during this mapraid.
==== Parking Lots Railroads ====
The '''Parking Lot''' Place marks While junctioning railroad crossings is not a well-defined area constructed for off-street public parkingpriority in the raid, including parking structures and garages as well as at-grade lots. There are many elements that must be considered before deciding to map a parking lot. Currently, the details are covered you can do so if everything else in [[Places/Parking lot]]your area is completed.
Unless If you have permission from the [[#Area Managers|State Manager]]encounter railroads mapped underground, please only map delete the following types of parking lots:underground segments.
* Public parking lots (Indicate that they are public lots in the description)
* Named lots around an arena/theater/venue (advise SM when you do these)
* Park and Ride lots/structures
Mass Transit parking structures (MBTA stations) should be mapped as Parking Lots, with the additional categories of "Train Station" and "Transportation" added. Additional, the Area should cover the actual station and platform, not just the parking lot/garage.
=== Alternate Segment Names ===
We have a very specific policy regarding Alternate Street Names. With the exception of Freeway segments, all road segments should have a Primary city name assigned to them. ==== MH & mH ==== If a Major/Minor classed segment is not a numbered highway, there should be no alternate names listed. [[File:MA-SR-2.png|200px|thumb|rightMassachusetts#Roadway_Naming|Alternate Street Name as Primary NameNames]]The Primary Street name shall be whatever name is in common usage in that area. (Check business addresses, GIS, etc). If the Primary Name is a actual Street Name (Main St, etc), please add the "SR-##" to the Alternate Name field, with no City name[[File:MA-SR-1.png|200px|thumb|right|State Route as Primary Name]]'''However, if the commonly used name is "SR-##" then enter the street name, along with city, in the Alt Name.''' If a segment has more than one State/US route number, Please follow the [[Road_names/USA#Concurrent_names|Concurrent Road Naming]] guidelines from the Wiki. Just remember, please no city names in the Alt Name field link for numbered routesinformation. (see examples on the right)
==== PS and Lower ====
List the Primary street name, and city. No Alternate names are to be listed.
=== Place Editing ===
PUR should be reviewed for accuracy, once approved all available relevant information pertaining to the place should be entered. Please use each company's website to gather all information you can.  All Places added to the map '''must''' contain the following entries: * Proper Category* Place Name* Address (including address numbers)* Placed in the correct location on the map This is the minimum acceptable amount of information for inclusion on the map. Following are general standards for place locking in Massachusetts:
Please consult the [[Massachusetts#Places|State Wiki for Places]] info and locking standards.
==== Locking MBTA Station Naming Standard ====
:All Places that For the purpose of harmonizing local railway stations (MBTA or the "T") we have 2 classes. One is for the color-coded subway lines and the minimum required information other is for longer-distance commuter rails (at a minimum, address/city, hours of operation, phone numberpurple line) are to . The standard will be locked at '''Level 2'in the format: ''. This is to prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of Place Update submissions from 'MBTA Type - Station Name'Trusted Users'', or Place Update Request approvals from other editors without careful examination.
Specific category types require locking to higher levels. If your own editor rank is not quite high enough, let someone else know via Slack, since you can't lock to rank 3 or 4.Examples:
This practice will prevent app trusted users and most IGN editors from making incorrect changes to places we know are right. App trusted users and IGN editors are rarely rank 3.* MTBA Subway - South Station* MBTA Commuter - Halifax
{| class="wikitable" style="textAdditionally they are to be POINT places -align:center; margin: 1em auto 1em auto; width: 75%"|+ Massachusetts Place Lock Level Standards! PLACE TYPE !! LOCK LEVEL|-| Military Installation / Airport || 4|-| Hospitals / Urgent Care / Police &amp; Fire Dept || 4|-| National &amp; State Parks not areas and Monuments || 4|-| locked to '''Gas StationsL3''' / Charging Stations || 3|-| Schools / Universities / Colleges || 3|-| Government Buildings / Consulates || 3|}. If you have questions please direct them to a local host or the State Manager.
==== Place Name Harmonization ====
In an effort to standardize Place Names, Massachusetts uses the following list of Common names. Please note the appropriate category name, as well as the listed spelling. This is necessary for the proper display of any advertising associated with the site (i.e. SUBWAY discounts)
{{#widget:Google SpreadsheetIframe|keyurl=1D0D5BWcknlI7temFOnTmMBiVaGfzQ30CCcqHgmbJaA0;single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false
:If a name is missing, please let a [[Massachusetts#Area Managers|State Manager// View this list full-screen in Google Sheets]] know, and it will be added to the list.
=== Update Requests (URs) ===
{{mbox| type =critical| small =left| textstyle = Update Requests (color: red; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;| text = As of Jul 30th: For the remainder of the MapRaid, the waiting period for URs) ==has been reduced to 24hrs.| smalltext =Text for the top of article sections.}}
For the purpose of the MapRaid we will be using a 4-day response time. Once initial contact is attempted you will be allowed to close the UR after 4 days. Reminder comments can be used within after 2 days. The clock used to close the UR will be from the initial '''MapRaid''' contact. Reminder comments do not reset the closure clock.
e.g. <br><br>2015-0607-24 14 UR is opened<br>2015-06-29 Local editor comment(sometime in the past)<br>2015-07-19 Initial MapRaid comment<br>2015-07-21 MapRaid reminder comment<br>2015-07-23 UR can be closed ('''Closing Comment is Mandatory''').
Before closing the UR, please make all attempts to solve the UR before closing it as 'Not Identified'. Even if there is no reporter response, use the report type, description, route and GPS traces, streetview and other resources to diagnose the problem.
=== Traffic and Red Light Cameras ===
Massachusetts does not have any laws regarding red light or speed cameras. While they may be present in the state, there are no known, confirmed red light or speed cameras at this time.
Do not add without consulting a Local Host, and do not approve any that Waze users may have added.
== Communication ==
You will receive an invitation in your email within 24 hours.
 Plus, all '''group/team related''' communications should take place in the Group Slack Channel (e.g., "#''mr_boston----03''" and not in the main raid channel (#mr_boston). That way the editors most affected will receive all of the communications.  
== Unlock Requests ==
Please make all unlock requests in your assigned Slack channel. If you do not get a response, you may post your request in the main raid channel. Please note the current lock level, location of the segment, and what level you wish it to be dropped to.
== Mapping Resources ==
=== Raid Resources ===
*MassDOT Boston [ Traffic Advisories] for the week.
*City of Cambridge [ Road Construction List] (thanks to subs5)
=== City Level Mapping Resources ===
*Massachusetts (Most of the raid)
**See [[Massachusetts/Cities and towns | MA Cities and Towns]] for links to city/town GIS pages and/or PLAT maps.
**See [ This List] for a list of all cities included in the raid area.
*Rhode Island (2 Cities)
**Cumberland ([ GIS]) (07-Cousy)
**Woonsocket ([ GIS]) (07-Cousy)
* See [[Massachusetts/Cities and towns MapRaid/New Hampshire| MA Cities and TownsNew Hampshire]] for links to city/town GIS pages and/or PLAT maps.City List (11-Hannah, 13-Fisk, 15-Clemens)
=== State Level Mapping Resources ===
* [ List of Numbered Routes in Massachusetts (Wikipedia)]
 * [ New Hampshire GIS] * Rhode Island state government plans to provide statewide GIS. It would be linked to []. For now, the RI Department of Environmental Management hooks us up on their page [,41.0712,--70.6655,42.0922].
== Reference Links ==
=== The Basics ===
*[[Massachusetts|State Wiki Page]]
*[[Waze Map Editor/Welcome|New editor welcome page]]
*[[Waze Map Editor]]
* [ UR Comments] - a tremendous time and labor saving tool with automation and integration with URO+, to help with working URs. Read the documentation.
* [ Place Browser ] - In combination with the Place Name Harmonization list, this is an invaluable tool for working on existing places. Be sure to click the About tab to get an overview of the tool.
* [ Validator] is a script that validates a map area in Waze Map Editor, highlights issues and generates a very detailed report with wiki references and solutions.<br>
* [ Boston MapRaid Overlay ] is a script that places a city layer like overlay to mark out the individual editing groups.A Must Have for the MapRaid
Download links:
* [ WME Chat Addon] is a script that improves the WME chat GUI. For a list of all the features check the thread [ here].
Tapermonkey/Greasmonkey Greasemonkey is required to use this script----
== MapRaid edit lists == Spreadsheets and forms are being used to streamline management of various group efforts and track important edits. Below you can find links to use these these forms, sheets, and see the lists. === BOTG =Results ==
{{mbox |text The Raid Results have been posted in the [ add BOTG Spreadsheet Widget here}}----1449&t=153418 Hall Of Fame section] of the Waze Forum!!!
== Results ==
| type = speculation
| text = Check back here after the raid is completed to see the results and achievements}}
== MapRaid Promotions ==
When the Champs see someone consistently editing well, interacting well with the community, and knowledgeable of the various details from the Wiki, they can issue promotions. This can be anything from the size of a managed area, to a rank increase, or even a new role.
{{mboxWithout further ado, all the participants in the ''Boston MapRaid'' would like to congratulate the following editors on their promotions:* '''''JoyRiding''''': Thank you for your wonderful Place Browser! [[File:Clap Applause.png| type = speculation30px]]* '''''RickZ''''': Your Raid Area overlay scripts make it so much easier to function![[File:Clap Applause.png| text = Watch here 30px]]* '''''Enembee''''': A great big round of applause for results of promotions during and after the raidan awesome job well done![[File:Clap Applause.png|30px]] * '''''TheLastTaterTot''''' to Rhode Island [[State Manager/USA | State Manager]] [[file:Badge_StateManager.png|30px]]* '''''TheLastTaterTot''''' to Queens, NY [[Area Manager]] [[File:Badge_AreaManager.png|30px]]* '''''TheLastTaterTot''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 4]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 4.png|30px]]* '''''BuzzardJoe''''' with [[Area Manager]] Expansion in MA. [[File:Badge_AreaManager.png|30px]]* '''''DBSooner''''' with [[Area Manager]] Expansion in MA. [[File:Badge_AreaManager.png|30px]]* '''''Mudge42''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 4]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 4.png|30px]]* '''''Cardyin''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 3]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 3.png|30px]]* '''''Eguresti''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 3]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 3.png|30px]]* '''''Kubilayk''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 3]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 3.png|30px]]* '''''MTB2314''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 3]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 3.png|30px]]* '''''OldBeeg''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 3]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 3.png|30px]]* '''''Pacmannw''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 3]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 3.png|30px]]* '''''Bobc455''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Firree''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Frannie35''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Hotstream''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''JeffVanCalster''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''KTHappy27''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''KOHM50''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Logarhythm''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''LostMrCelophane''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''LT1911''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Lws009''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Madisonmoreau''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Mackdacre''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''NoleFan_11''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Paratrupa04''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Projectronic''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Pschoonm''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''RiveR13''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Tenetienne''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Thebhpen''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]* '''''Tonytx05''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]}}* '''''VortexCortex''''' to [[Rank_and_points#Map_Editing_Rank|Rank 2]] [[File:Badge Edit Rank 2.png|30px]]
== Teams ==And a heartfelt '''THANK YOU''' to all the Senior Editors who helped mentor and make this raid a success!
{{mbox |text = add teams here}}'''Congratulations, job well done. Keep up the great work!'''