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''The following is current as of July 14, 2015, and recommendations are welcomed. For the purpose of discussion a GHO has been established.''
As it stands now, the system consists of two Google Sheets workbooks, with submission forms, not unlike the Closures system. Any user can submit a suggested name for a business through the form. It is then reviewed on the Submission sheet by an assigned moderator and rejectedaccepted, modified or rejected. Accepted and modified entries are copy/pasted as-is to the Master List. From the Master List, results are then filtered by State, RC region, or National, or combinations of the above, and can be displayed for editors to reference when adding or editing places and PURs. Suggested location is in a State or Regional Wiki page, but other options could work.
At present, submissions are entered and reviewed by Region, as defined by the RC areas. Each submission contains an option to mark states where a business is known to operate, or to mark the entire region, if most or all of the states within that region apply.