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Update Requests (URs)
For the purpose of the MapRaid we will be using a 4-day response time. Once initial contact is attempted you will be allowed to close the UR after 4 days. Reminder comments can be used after 2 days. The clock used to close the UR will be from the initial '''MapRaid''' contact. Reminder comments do not reset the closure clock.
e.g. <br><br>2015-07-14 UR is opened (sometime in the past)<br>2015-07-19 Initial MapRaid comment<br>2015-07-21 MapRaid reminder comment<br>2015-07-23 UR can be closed ('''Closing Comment is Mandatory''').
Before closing the UR, please make all attempts to solve the UR before closing it as 'Not Identified'. Even if there is no reporter response, use the report type, description, route and GPS traces, streetview and other resources to diagnose the problem.