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GIS Maps by County
*For maps hosted with WG Xtreme, using the "Advanced Map" tab, you can turn off plot labels to clear up street names (if they are in the way of road names)
This is a newly available application for Statewide GIS resources.<br>
[ Statewide Parcel Map Database and Web application]<br>
The Version 1 Statewide Parcel Map Application provides the community with a web-based mapping interface for browsing the statewide parcel layer. The application, built using ArcGIS Online, enables users to pan and zoom, search by parcel attribute information, and query parcels on screen. Attributes contained in the Version 1 database include: Assessed value of land; Assessed value of improvements; Total assessed value; Class of property (as specified in s. 70.32 (2)(a)); Estimated fair market value; Total property tax; Property address information maintained by the county; Parcel ID; School district.
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