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Road names/USA

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However, you might notice a few problems with the original road names:
Some of the names are not the 'common' names (usually, waze will display the 'name' of the hwy while most people know this hwy by its number) <br/>
On other examples, the same highway will have a different name on each side (for example, US-Hwy 101 going North, and Bayshore Fwy going South). <br/>Some roads actually have two 'common' names (for example, the NJ Turnpike is also I-95 and both are relevant names), but currently we can only display one name per road. <br/>
For all these issues, we ask that you currently leave the situation as is. We are working on a few fixes, that will automate the proper naming and also allow multiple names for each segments (with a 'Primary' name as the one being displayed, but other names that bring up the same search results).