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*'''Select only on empty selection''' - affects editor behavior when you select an object (road segment, junction, or place) when there is already an object(s) selected
** If not checked, then clicking on an object will automatically deselect any other objects already selected. This may cause accidental deselection
** If checked, you are prevented from selecting a new object if there anything is already selected. Note that multi-select mode allows you to select additonal additional segments when segment(s) are already selected; use the control key for momentary multi-select, or press the M keyboard shortcut to toggle multi-select mode on/off. Also note that clicking an empty spot can still cause deselection.
*'''Enable fullscreen mode''' - when checked, more screen space is given to the map (removes the menu header from the top of the page). Keyboard shortcut {{key press|Shift|F}} toggles this setting.
*'''Units''' - Choose between Imperial (feet/miles) or Metric (meters/kilometers)