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| [[Indiana]]
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| [[Missouri]]
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| [[Montana]]
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| [[Nebraska]]
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| [[New Jersey]]
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| [[Ohio]]
| bgcolor="#FFFF0000FF00" | '''[[#Ohio|SEE NOTES BELOW]]LEGAL STATEWIDE'''| bgcolor="#FFFF0000FF00" | '''[[#Ohio|SEE NOTES BELOW]]LEGAL STATEWIDE'''
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| [[Virginia]]
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| [[Wyoming]]
=== Colorado ===
Speed cameras are restricted to construction zones, school zones, residential areas, and roads adjacent to municipal parks. === Hawaii === The state of Hawaii prohibits the use of any Speed or Red Light cameras. === Idaho === Idaho has no state law regarding the use of speed cameras or red light cameras. As of December 2013, the state neither operates nor has publicized plans to operate in the future, cameras of either type.
=== Illinois ===
The [[Maryland#Speed and red light cameras|Maryland]] page has details on local camera systems.
=== Missouri ===
Speed: No state law, but there may be programs operating under [ Missouri DOT policy].
Red light: No state law, but there may be programs operating under Missouri DOT policy on state maintained roadways. Local municipalities may be operating under their own policies.
=== Montana ===
=== Nebraska ===
There are no statewide laws regulating right red light or speed cameras in Nebraska. However, there are NO cameras present in any municipality and all cameras added to the map should be removed.
=== Nevada ===
Nevada state law prohibits use of imaging equipment unless it is hand-held by an officer or installed in a vehicle or facility of a law enforcement agency. Traditional enforcement penalties: $1,000 maximum fine and 4 points.'''There are no current programs.'''
=== New Jersey ===
The New Jersey is piloting a Red-Light-Running (RLR) camera pilot program at authorized intersections in select municipalities throughout the state. Further information, including a document describing all authorized intersections within the state, can be found [http:ended 12/16/ here]. Due to the controversial nature of this program, some municipalities may have outlawed red-Red light cameras after initially applying for and being authorized to use them. Such places may appear on the list of authorized intersections, but no longer have cameras there. At the time of this Wikiare currently '''prohibited'''s writing, the following municipalities are known to have outlawed red-light cameras, despite having intersections authorized by the state for their use: *Brick township, Ocean County Editors should be advised to double-check, as best as possible, the actual status of red-light cameras marked in Waze before approving them.
=== New Mexico ===
*Suffolk County is permitted to install and operate red light cameras at up to 100 intersections ([$$VAT1111-B*5$$@TXVAT01111-B*5+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=25701749+&TARGET=VIEW Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1111-B*5(a)1.])
*City of Syracuse is permitted to install and operate red light cameras at up to 25 intersections ([$$VAT1111-B*6$$@TXVAT01111-B*6+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=25701749+&TARGET=VIEW Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1111-B*6(a)1.])
*City of Albany is permitted to install and operate red light cameras at up to 20 intersections ([$$VAT1111-D*3$$@TXVAT01111-D*3+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=25701749+&TARGET=VIEW Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1111-D*3(a)1.])
==== Speed (NY) ====
=== Ohio ===
See the list of communities where Red light and speed cameras are legal [[statewide in Ohio#Speed .2F Red Light Cameras|here]], but '''an officer must be present at the time of violation'''.
=== Oregon ===
On July 20, 2015 HB 2621 was signed into law, allowing fixed speed cameras in “urban high crash corridors” within the city limits of Portland. They must be preceded by a sign announcing “Traffic Laws Photo Enforced” that also provides drivers with their current speed between 100 and 400 yards before the camera.
Several cities are allowed to operate manned speed As of August 2, 2016 the first cameras but these are not fixed-location radar being activated and should not more are planned to be designated placed in Wazethe following months.
=== Pennsylvania ===