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Failed route, user rants at Waze regarding road closure
=== Failed route, user rants at Waze regarding road closure ===
Dear reporter, I'm a volunteer responding to your report. Sorry for your experience. Please note that Waze employees never see "Map Issue" reports. The reports simply appear on the volunteer editing screen. The idea is that a volunteer editor will happen to see them and will do something. Unfortunately the number of we have few volunteers watching this area is small. Meanwhile , while the number of "map issue" reports has increased dramaticallykeeps increasing. Sadly, most reports are not about actual problems with the map, but they still take time volunteer effort to handle properly. As a result, even the few volunteers we have can sometimes lose heart. With few volunteers watching and our map covered in a sea of unactionable but labor-intensive reports, important issues can go unnoticed for a long time. All I can suggest is that you make use of the Report->Closure feature. This feature allows you to mark closures in real time, unlike Report->Map Issue. The good news is, Waze developers are aware of the map-issue overload problem and are planning to improve the interface so that important map issues are more likely to may be detected sooner. Cheers!
=== Unexplained alternate route, surely traffic-related ===