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URs with no conversation yet
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:''This is a collection of boilerplate responses for most typically encountered UR issues. Permission is gladly given to link to this page and to adapt and use these responses worldwide. All are welcome to create new boilerplate response collections using ideas and text found here. Attribution where feasible is always appreciated, but not necessary. Please, however, do NOT edit this page directly. Instead send me a PM. If something here is wrong I want to {{nowrap|know. --DwarfLord}}'' == Generic, highly automated responses for UR-overwhelmed areas == === URs with no conversation yet === This is an automated response to alert you that your report has been received in the volunteer map database. Depending on many factors, it can take some time for volunteer editors to process your report. Please consider adding details to your report by responding to this message using the app, or by using the Waze editor web site linked in the e-mail version of this message (but do not reply to the e-mail, as e-mails do not work with the reporting system). If your issue involved reaching a specific address or place, please say what it was, as Waze does not give the volunteers that information. Anything you can offer will help the volunteer editors investigate the map issue more quickly and effectively. (Open to any editor) ''Comment: This suggested automated response addresses four key points: (1) allows editors to open the conversation quickly on an automated or near automated basis without claiming any inspection of the UR; (2) informs the recipient that it's an automated response, so if the report languishes after this response the recipient does not feel that a human being has let them down; (3) prepares the reporter that it might take awhile; and (4) gives the reporter a means to improve the chances of a speedy and positive outcome.''
== Update Requests with no immediately obvious issue ==
=== Failed route, user rants at Waze regarding road closure ===
Dear reporter, I'm a volunteer responding to your report. Sorry for your experience. Please note that Waze employees never see "Map Issue" reports. The reports simply appear on the volunteer editing screen. The idea is that volunteers working on their own time will see them and will do something. Unfortunately we have few volunteers watching this area, meanwhile the number of "map issue" reports keeps increasing. Sadly, most reports these days end up unactionable, but they still take volunteer effort to handle. As a result, even the few volunteers we have sometimes lose heart. With the map covered in unactionable but labor-intensive reports, important issues can go unnoticed for a long time. All I can suggest is that you make use of the Report->Closure feature. This feature allows you to mark closures in real time, unlike Report->Map Issue. The good news is, Waze developers are aware of the map-issue overload problem and are planning to improve the interface so that important map issues may be detected sooner. Cheers!
=== Unexplained alternate route, surely traffic-related ===
Volunteer responding to your report of an unexpected or impossible route. It appears that you may have asked Waze for a route while you were located within a complex area, with multiple, closely-spaced lanes dedicated to different directions. GPS position information isn't perfect, so when you request a route from such an area -- for example, while waiting in traffic at a complex intersection or within a multilevel viaduct -- Waze can guess your starting road or lane wrong. As a result Waze may believe you are committed to a different direction than you actually are, and offer you an unusable route. We'll see if we can simplify things here to make this effect less likely for future Wazers, but generally there's little we can do. The good news is that, if you continue driving, Waze will recalculate as always once it realizes where you really are. Sorry not to be more help!
=== Late June 2015 routing-server bug for timed turn/segment restrictions ===
Volunteer responding to your report of being routed through a turn or road prohibited by time restrictions. The time restriction for this location has actually been in the Waze map for some time. Unfortunately, around 26 June 2015, a bug seems to have appeared that causes Waze to disregard some timed turn and road restrictions between Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Our tests indicate that the bug was fixed as of July 24, so all should be well now. Sorry for your experience!
== Lapsed conversations with other editor(s) ==
=== No response, closure imminent ===
Hi, we haven't heard back regarding our last comment on the map issue you reported. In a few days we'll assume all is well and close the report. Cheers!
=== No response to another editor, closure imminent ===
Hi, we haven't heard back regarding our last comment on the map issue you reported. In a few days we'll assume all is well and close the report. Cheers! (To the editor who initially responded: please feel welcome to close this report, or say something in a few days if it should be left open.)
=== No response, closing now (unnecessary if imminent-closure already sent) ===
Hi, we haven't heard back regarding our last comment on the map issue you reported . We will assume all is well and will close this report. Please feel welcome to report problems with the map in the future. Cheers!
=== Fixed Roads ===
=== Still tracking stale route ===
Volunteer responding to your report of a map issue. It looks like you departed from Waze's recommended route and instead followed a path that happened to be parallel the recommended route. Under these circumstances, Waze can't be sure if you really left its route or if your GPS position data are just a little off. GPS data are never perfect, so Waze assumed the GPS was to blame and continued to give you driving instructions for its original route; it's no wonder the instructions didn't make sense. Sorry to say there's nothing we volunteer map editors can do about this, I wish we could be more help. Cheers!
=== Routed into traffic (calm report) ===
=== Stale or bogus traffic indications ===
Volunteer responding to your report of wrong traffic indications. Sadly, we volunteers don't have access to the traffic history and have no way to analyze what happened. Sometimes Waze can say there's traffic when there isn't if it's still remembering an old situation, or if it's been confused by someone improperly using Waze on a slow-moving vehicle like a bicycle. And, sometimes Waze can say there isn't traffic when there is if it hasn't yet received enough data on fresh accidents or slowdowns from other Wazers. Without access to the traffic history all we can do is speculate. I wish we could be more help!
=== Waited forever to make Waze's recommended maneuver (usually unprotected left turns) ===
Volunteer responding. Waze is indeed aware of the alternate route to bypass traffic. It routed you on a more typical path at that time because it thought, at that moment, that it would be faster to go that way. We volunteer map editors can't do anything about Waze's traffic detection and routing algorithms, but we have checked that the map itself does look OK. Cheers!
=== Pronunciation ===
Volunteer responding to your report of poor pronunciation by Waze text-to-speech (TTS). Unfortunately even the most senior volunteers have little influence on the TTS system, and none of us can alter how any one street name is pronounced. I understand the frustration and I sympathize. Sorry not to be more help. Cheers!
=== No hablo muy bien el Español ===
Volunteer responding. Confusingly, the "private road" Waze type does not mean it is a private road. It is just a flag that Waze should prohibit thru traffic. This is indeed a public road, but legally-valid street signs mark it NO THRU TRAFFIC. For better or worse Waze, like most folks, "can't fight city hall" and must respect these signs. The good news is that, if you choose to drive on this street, Waze will automatically recalculate your route without complaint. Cheers!
=== Possible routing bug ===
Volunteer responding. The snippet of data Waze provided us along with your report does suggest inexplicable routing. I've checked everywhere I can think of and unfortunately I can't find anything wrong with the map. But, Waze is currently working on an issue with speed detection for different turns out of an intersection. In rare instances this issue can lead Waze to suggest non-ideal routes, usually involving one or more U-turns or loops. We volunteers have no way to know if your experience resulted from this issue, but as there's nothing I can find on the map I'll close this report as "not identified". I sure wish I could be more help but that's what's going on.
=== We can't do U-turns ===
(As of app version 3.9.4 U-turns are supported. The "we can't do U-turns" response is no longer appropriate.)
=== We can't do "continue straight" (usually a followup response) ===