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Benelux Editing Speed Limits

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<big>'''Benelux Editing Speed Limits'''</big> <br />
Waze has enabled Speed Limits in the editor (WME). This function will only be activated in the Waze app (4.0) when there are enough roads that have this info.
Therefore the Waze editing community is making an extra effort to add the info as soon as possible.
Everybody will gain from this common effort, the editing community and the Waze users. There will be enough editable segments for all editors.
{{TOC center}}
== Guidelines for the (new) editor ==
* Initially speed limits should be entered on segments locked at your own level. As an incentive to the vast amount of beginning Waze editors, Waze rewards the efforts of entry-level editors by earning edit points by assigning them this task. Advanced editors, please leave the lower level segments for the editors with a lower level.
: Can be used to show the segments that already have speed-information.
: Click on ‘Street Vector’ at the bottom of the screen to bring up the configuration display.
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