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North Carolina/Special roads/Main

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*[[Road_types/USA#Railroad|Railroads]] - '''NOTICE:''' New guidelines as of October 24, 2014.<br />
'''Other Drivable roads'''
*[[Road types/USA#Dirt_Road_.2F_4X4_Trail|Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail]]- '''NOTE:''' If the [[North_Carolina#Road_Function_Class|Function Class]] calls for an unpaved road to be Minor or Major Highway, consult with the [[North_Carolina#Area_Managers|State Managers]] before changing it.
*[[Road types/USA##Parking_Lot_Road|Parking Lot Roads]]
*[[Road_types/USA#Private_Road|Private Roads]] - '''NOTE:''' Read up on this before using this road type. This road type can be harmful to routing if used incorrectly.