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Updating WI locking note, as discussed on GHO
|Fwy=5|Ramp=Highest rank of connected segment|MH=3|mH=2|PS=2|Street=1
|note=Exception: At These are minimums and, for protection, certain segments may be set at higher lock levels. In these cases, please contact the request of an AM (last editor or other trusted local editor) a [[State Manager/USA | State Manager]] ({{RootPage2}} SM) may optionally lower an entire area to facilitate local before editing. Requests must be formally recorded in the [ US Unlock Forum] Once changes have been made and verified, but can be discussed and pre-approved by an SM beforehand. The AM should request the locks be raised again to standard when the area has stabilized; the request should be made in the same thread where the unlock was originally requested. SMs should use caution when uplocking an area returned to their elevated levels, unless standard: If the area is consistently locked below standard, it might have been granted such an exception, and should not be uplocked without verification.levels are approved by a {{RootPage2}} SM}}<!-- per GHO KB_Steveo, 2015-12-26 -->
| KY = {{Locking Standard