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===Exit ramps and entrance ramps (on-ramps)Roundabout policies unique to Wisconsin==={{construction| contact =| contacttype = forum| draft = no| open = no| revision = yes| section = yes| talk = no}} [[Image:Exit1.JPG|right|200px]][[Image:Exit2.jpg|right|200px]]Exit ramps and Entrance ramps are to be set as {{Ramp}} road type. ''The name of the ramp should match the exit or entrance signage as closely as possible - minimal disparity between sign and instruction is our goal.'' If done properly, the driver Often times a roundabout will not have to struggle to compare Waze's on-screen or verbal instructions with what he or she sees in real life on the road.<br /> For '''Exit Ramps''', if an exit is:*'''''Signed and numbered''''' - name signage that matches the exit ramp as follows:*::Exit <small>{{color|[number]|color=gray}}</small>''':''' <small>{{color|[Shields]|color=gray}}</small> '''/''' <small>{{color|[Control Cities]|color=gray}}</small> '''/''' <small>{{color|[street names]|color=gray}}</small>*::<small>(all signed items separated by a slash, with a space on each side of the slash.)</small>*::'''''Ex:''''' Exit&nbsp;24:&nbsp;US-103&nbsp;/&nbsp;Schwarzenegger&nbsp;Rd*:'''''Note:''''' If an exit number contains one or more letters, include it exactly as displayed on the sign: "Exit&nbsp;33B:&nbsp;Running&nbsp;Man&nbsp;St", or "Exits&nbsp;35C-B-A:&nbsp;Junior&nbsp;Dr&nbsp;/&nbsp;Twins&nbsp;Ave&nbsp;/&nbsp;Jingle&nbsp;Allthe&nbsp;Way". - ''Separate sub-exit letters with a hyphen. Do not leave spaces between the hyphen and the adjacent characters.''* '''''Signed and unnumbered''''' - Alt name the exit ramp as such: "to&nbsp;SR-33&nbsp;/&nbsp;Kindergarten&nbsp;Ct". In other words, start with the word "to" (lowercase) followed by all elements on the sign (shields and names), separated with slashes ("&nbsp;/&nbsp;"). {{color|'''(This rule has changed recently.)'''|color=red}}*:'''''Note:''' If the exit number is assigned and designated by the local roadway agency, but does not yet appear on the sign, it is OK to include the exit number in advance of it appearing on the road sign. This prevents additional updates later when the numbered sign is added to the roadwayWaze, and helps visual guidance when other exits before said exit are numbered. Drivers can better anticipate their approaching exit.''* '''''Unsigned''''' - include the designation and/or name without mention of the road as if it is signed (i.e., starting with "to"). For example, if an unsigned exit serves "US-12", a signed highway which is locally known as "Michigan Ave", name the ramp segment "to US-12 / Michigan Ave". If only a local name or only a highway designation are present, use only that.* '''''General Rules for all cases:'''''** If a single exit serves multiple roads or cities, use a slash with leading and trailing spaces: "Exit 32: Terminator Blvd / Total Recall Rd" (or "to Terminator Blvd / Total Recall Rd").** Include everything that is present on the last sign prior to the exit. ''Do not combine all possible pre-ramp signage into the single ramp segment name.''** Remember to abbreviate common words following the [[abbreviations and acronyms]] page.** If the exit off the main interstate or highway serves multiple exits further down the road, it may be advisable not to name the first exit ramp, but rather name only the ramps which are the first one to a distinct destination. Please see the [[Junction_Style_Guide/Interchanges#Ramp-ramp_splits|Ramp-ramp splits]] section of the [[Junction_Style_Guide|Junction Style Guide]] for further information. For '''Entrance Ramps''', use this format: "to [primary street name] [direction] / [control city]", where applicable. For example:* "to I-10 W / Baton Rouge"* "to Clearview Pkwy N / Mandeville"* "to US-90 BUS W"* "to LA-1 / Thibodaux / Lockport"* Similar to combined exit ramps, when multiple on-ramps combine before merging into the main interstate or highway, it is advised to name the last common ramp with the conventions listed above. This will usually be the last ramp which is the one which actually joins the main interstate or highway.* Using "Ramp to", "West", "WB", and "Westbound" should be avoided as "WB" is pronounced "double-you bee" and not 'westbound.' Further, the "to" will be automatically omitted from Text-to-Speech instructions. Do not omit the word "to", because this could cause confusion with, say, the "Select entire street" function.* '''State highways:''' When naming ramps and exits that lead to state highways, local naming should be used. This will maximize the clarity of navigation prompts for the majority of users in a given area. For example,** In New Jersey, highways are generally colloquially referred to as "routes". To distinguish from other (federal) highways, a sign for State Route 45 in New Jersey should say "to State Rte 45". In this casehappens, the abbreviation "to SR-45" may also be used.** In Louisiana, state highways are generally colloquially referred to as "LA" (ell-ay) followed by the highway number. A ramp to Louisiana Highway 308 following should be say "to LA-308".** In North Carolina (NC), state routes are generally colloquially referred to as "NC" followed by the route number. A ramp to NC Highway 55 should be say "to NC-55".** In general, follow the chart in the [[road naming by state]] article.* Similar to exit ramps, put multiple destination information, even from multiple signage, onto the single on-ramp name. Major destinations or highways/interstates can be included, but don't go crazy and add every possible town and city in that direction. "to US-90 BUS W / to I-10 W / Miss River Brg / Baton Rouge" is fine.observed: