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Maricopa County: Added Phnx St Closure Links
** [ '''Planning and Zoning Maps''']<br />Provides street names, addresses and parcel information. (New mapping application for Phoenix as of 2015.)
** [ '''7th St and 7th Ave Reversible Lane Information''']<br />Information on the center reversible lanes that run on 7th Ave between McDowell and Northern, and on 7th St between McDowell and Dunlap. The project information is out of date (the noted projects are complete), but the information on restrictions and signage is current.
** [ '''Planned Street Closures''']<br />Motorists should be aware of the following City of Phoenix roadway restrictions and closures and are encouraged to allow for additional travel time.
** [ '''Emergency Street Closures''']<br />When the City of Phoenix has to close a street due to an emergency situation, such as flooding or a utility emergency, closure information will appear on this page.
* {{anchor|Queen_Creek}}[ '''''Queen Creek'' CIP Projects'']