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Road names/USA

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County and township highways and roads 35px 35px: updated to remove contradictions in text.
===County and township highways and roads [[Image:Baldwin County Route 64 AL.svg.png|35px]] [[Image:St Louis County Route 7 MN.svg.png|35px]]===
Text to speech on the client reads CR - as "County Road." So "CR-10" is read as "County Road Ten"
Where road names are the same as cardinal directions (N, S, E, W), [[Road_names/USA#United_States_Numbered_Highways|no special modification is necessary]] so that the voice prompt will read the letter and not say it as a direction. Ensure there are no spaces between the hyphen and the letter. Double or triple-letter roads with directional letters (e.g. CR-EN, CR-SAL) will not be spoke as directions, but might be pronounced as if a word.
There is no other TTS abbreviation for county owned roads in any capacityexcept those listed here. For these reasons: that county shields may someday be supported (and a named standard makes this easier to implement), and for brevity's sake in turn instructions and map displays, it is suggested (but by no means required) that individual states adopt the one of these standards;*CR- standard.*CH-*TR-*TH-
Another standard in use (which is longer, but you may see) is 'County Hwy XX'. The shortened format of CH- is available and is encouraged to be adopted when CR- is not appropriate.