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* Roads with unknown direction
* Two-way roads incorrectly marked as one-way (one-way roads are rare outside urban areas)
* Reverse connections.* Unconfirmed turns.* Incorrect u-turns.* Unnecessary junctions.* Private roads with the [ State field set as Iowa].
* One-segment loops (often at the end of rural driveways). '''Fix:''' You can try to [[Junction_Style_Guide#One-segment_loops|repair the loop]], but often these are best simply deleted and the preceding driveway adjusted extended some.
* [[Junction_Style_Guide#Every_loop_must_be_made_up_of_three_or_more_segments|2-segment loops]] that should be 3-segment (multi-entry rural driveways). '''Fix"''' Ensure First ensure the correct Road Type and Direction, then select one of the endpoint junctions and press "Q" to have WME Toolbox automatically add an additional junction node for you.* Missing, outdated, or incorrect road names, or they do not match the [[Nebraska#Major_roads|NE road naming standards ]] or [[Abbreviations_and_acronyms/USA|USA abbreviations]].* Private farming paths that probably should not be mapped at all in Waze (to irrigation pivots, grain silos, other private building that no Wazer would route to.)
* Driveways to buildings that no longer exist, or other superfluous roads.
* "Spaghetti": A mess of private roads , paths, tracks added from a previous visual analysis of satellite imagery.
Other improvements to make
* If needed, update the [[Nebraska#Functional_classificationNebraska_Functional_Classification|Functional Classification]] to the appropriate road type.* Update the [[Nebraska#Locking_standard|lock level]] to match the road type.* Add Speed Limits.* Correct elevation and add bridges/tunnels where appropriate per the [[Elevation_-_bringing_the_Seagull_to_Australia|Seagull guidelines]].