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[[File:Basemap toolbox.jpeg|60px|thumbnail|right]]
* Use [[Scripts/WME_Toolbox|WME Toolbox]], and use the recommended settings shown in the screenshot.
* Use [[Scripts/WME_Validator|WME Validator]] to assist with identifying roads to update. Make sure that "Highlight issues on the map" is '''enabled''' (found under the Validator's tab "gear" icon", then the "wrench" icon).
* Then install the [ WME Validator Localization for Nebraska]
* [[Scripts/WME_Color_Highlights|WME Color Highlights]] to help identify other potential problem roads, such as rural one-way roads that should be two-way.
== Common basemap issues ==
{| class="wikitable"|-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap1.jpeg|frameless|rightcenter]][[File:Basemap2.jpeg|frameless|right]]-[[File:Basemap3.jpeg|framelessrowspan=2|right]]# (1) '''Roads with [[Unknown_direction|unknown direction]]'''.## |'''Rural areas''': Set as two-way unless there is reason to suspect a one-way ([[At-grade_connectors|AGC]], other).## |-|'''Urban areas''': Check streetview and/or GIS resources to determine two-way or one-way.# |-|rowspan=2|(2) '''Two-way roads incorrectly marked as [[Determining_one-way_streets|one-way]]''' (one-way roads are rare outside urban areas).## |'''Rural areas''': Set as two-way unless there is reason to suspect a one-way ([[At-grade_connectors|AGC]], other).## |-|'''Urban areas''': Check streetview and/or GIS resources to determine two-way or one-way.# |-|rowspan=2|(3) '''[[Soft_and_hard_turns|Soft (Unconfirmed) Turns]]'''.## |'''Rural areas''': Allow all turns ("Q" then "W" hotkeys with WME Toolbox), unless there is reason to suspect a turn might not be allowed.## |-|'''Urban areas''': Check streetview and/or GIS resources to determine which turns are legal.# |-|rowspan=4|(4) '''[[Unnecessary_junctions|Unnecessary Junctions]]''', which also frequently have Unconfirmed Turns.## |Soft-turns must be confirmed.## |-|All of the parameters of the 2 roads must match) before the junction can be deleted.## |-|Select the junction and use the upper-right "trash can" delete button, or carefully use the WME Toolbox "Suppress unneeded junctions" function if of sufficient editing level.## |-|If you can't delete a junction, something about the roads does not match. Try reloading the roads (ALT+SHIFT+R) to ensure you're seeing valid data.# |-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap2.jpeg|600px|center]]|-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap4.jpeg|600px|center]] |-|rowspan=3|(5) '''Incorrect [[Interface_guide#Junction_Arrows|u-turns]]'''.## |Enabled U-turns should be somewhat rare in '''urban areas''', and almost non-existent in '''rural areas'''.## |-|When basemap editing in '''rural areas''', it is generally safe to assume the u-turn should be removed. The "Q" hotkey with WME Toolbox will remove them easily.## |-|In '''urban areas''', u-turns are governed by [[Nebraska#U-turns|the Nebraska u-turn wiki section]]# |-|rowspan=2|(6) '''Reverse connections'''.# |One way Reverse connections (purple triangle in WME Toolbox) are created is when a two-way segment is converted to one-way. Turns which were previously enabled at a junction, which would now go against the legal flow of traffic, still exist in the Waze database.|-|To help prevent Waze from ever turning the wrong way on to a one-way segment (as unlikely as that would be), it is best to remove those stored illegal turns. The quickest way is to use the "Q" hotkey of WME Toolbox. |-|(7) '''[[Junction_Style_Guide#One-segment_loops|One-segment loops]]''' (often at the end of rural driveways).## |You can try to repair the loop, but often these are best simply deleted and the preceding driveway adjusted/extended some.# |-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap3.jpeg|center]]|-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap5.jpeg|600px|center]]|-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap6.jpeg|600px|center]] |-|rowspan=2|(8) '''[[Junction_Style_Guide#Every_loop_must_be_made_up_of_three_or_more_segments|2-segment loops]]''' that should be 3-segment (example: multi-entry rural driveways arcs).## |First ensure the correct Road Type and Direction...## |-|Then select one of the endpoint junctions and press "Q" to have WME Toolbox automatically add an additional junction node for you. Or draw a new road with one end connected to a point in the middle of the loop, then delete the new road.# |-|(9) '''Private farming paths''' that probably should not be mapped at all in Waze (to irrigation pivots, grain silos, and other private building buildings that no Wazer would route to.)|The primary Driveway to rural '''houses''' should almost always be preserved per the [[Nebraska# Driveways|Nebraska Driveway wiki standards]]. Secondary farm paths to the house are generally superfluous and should be removed. |-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap7.jpeg|350px|center]] |-|(10) '''[[Nebraska#Driveways |Driveways]] to homes or other buildings that no longer exist''', or other superfluous roads.|Delete the road, and remove the extra junction left over on the public road per # 4. |-|colspan=2|[[File:Basemap8.jpeg|400px|center]] |-|(11) '''"Spaghetti"''': A mess of private roads, paths, tracks added from a previous visual analysis of satellite imagery.# |Delete all roads except those that should be preserved by other guidelines or tips, such as the primary Driveway to a home, or a private road parallel to a public road. |-|rowspan=3|(12) '''Missing, outdated, or incorrect road names''', or they do not match the [[Nebraska#Major_roads|NE road naming standards]] or [[Abbreviations_and_acronyms/USA|USA abbreviations]].# |Update the road primary name and all alt-names.|-|Note that many alt-names on basemap roads may be outdated, referring to highway numbers which have been renamed, rerouted, or decommissioned.|-|The [ WME Validator Localization for Nebraska] will help flag incorrectly named roads. Be sure to adjust the Validator settings per the Recommendations on the localization GreasyFork page. |-|(13) '''Private roads with the [ State set as Iowa].'''|Set the State to Nebraska :) |} 
== Other improvements to make ==