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Road names/USA

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Certain formatting guidelines must be followed to ensure that highway shields are shown in the Live Map. This will ensure that if, in the future, the developers choose to incorporate shields into the client, it will be trivial to do so.
; Interstate Highways '''*NEW*'''
: Components of the Interstate Highway System should be denoted as shown:
:: '''I-10 E''' for Interstate 10, Eastbound:: '''I-310 S''' for Interstate 310, Southbound:: '''I-35E N''' for Interstate 35E, Northbound (this is a rare case)
: Nearly all interstates are divided highways by necessity, and they should be drawn as such in the map for navigational accuracy.
: The old naming convention ('''I- 10 E''', This has been reverted — my testing methodology was faulty. Sorry for example) will still display correctly as a shield in the client, but as it looks messy in navigation text, it should be avoidedinconvenience.— sketch''''
; US Highways